Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE: Heartbreak for India as wait of 1st Olympic medal continues, Great Britain defeat India 4-3 to win the bronze medal

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE – India vs Great Britain LIVE: Great Britain has defeated Rani Rampal and the team to claim the bronze medal. In the bronze medal match, the Indian women lost 4-3 in an amazing end-to-end match. The Indian team was brave and played really well in the 2nd quarter where they managed a marvelous comeback to go 3-2 up. They had already made history after they reached the semi-final in the women’s hockey Olympic event. After bowing out of the semi-finals due to a 2-1 defeat by Argentina, the Indian women’s hockey team faced Great Britain but will have to wait for longer to win their first Olympic medal.

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE: Heartbreak for India as wait of 1st Olympic medal continues, Great Britain defeat India 4-3 to win the bronze medal

Indian women’s hockey team went down fighting against Great Britain 3-4 in the bronze medal match here at Oi Hockey Stadium — North Pitch on Friday. With this loss, the Indian women’s team finished fourth at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, meanwhile, team Great Britain captured their third consecutive Olympic medal.

Great Britain started the match with a storming pace giving no chance whatsoever to the Indian forwards and in sequence creating very good opportunities for their forward line. But Indian goalkeeper Savita Punia rose to the occasion with some brilliant saves and made sure to lead the team goalless into the second quarter.

The GB team soon made their dominance count as in second quarter after a brilliant run from the right flank by ES Rayer, they forced an own goal from Indian defender Deep Grace Ekka. Soon, the GB team doubled their lead via a beautiful pacy field goal by Sarah Robertson after Nisha got the green card.

Indian team then dramatically shifted their gears and scored two goals in quick succession — both via penalty corners through Gurjit Kaur — to level the match against Britain. Drag flicker Gurjit struck both PC to the left of Maddy Hinch and defense, giving them no chance whatsoever to even react.

Vandana Katariya in the dying minutes of the first half gave the Indian team a very crucial lead with an absolute poacher of a finish after she latched on to a loose ball inside the D. India led Great Britain 3-2 going into the second half.

The second half saw more resolve from GB forwards. As they again stormed into the right flank and Pearne-Webb utilised a brilliant move as she came with a captain’s magic to equalise for the European team.

A rough tackle in the D by Udita saw India going down to 10 players for 5 mins after she received the yellow card, early in quarter 4. Soon, the pressure and one-player advantage paid for Britain as Baldson gave the team lead through PC.

Indian forwards flocked GB’s D in the dying moments of the match but the Rio 2016 gold medalists made sure to hold their nerves and see the team through to win the bronze

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE: Rani Rampal’s India vs Great Britain live 4th quarter:

@8:43 AM: India lose its referral.

@8:42 AM: 90 seconds left and India is asking for a referral for a dangerous ball played in the circle

@8:41 AM: The medical team rushes onto the pitch after the ball hits Shauna’s head after a deflection

@8:40 AM: India is now making chances but there is no one to finish it. Stunning cross by Navjot but no deflection. 3 minutes to go

@8:37 AM: Not a good 4th quarter, for almost 7 minutes, India was down to 10 players. They are finally at full strength, 5:20 minutes left

@8:35 AM: Another rehydration break for the players

@8:34 AM: 7:20 left in the match. Indians are putting their feet on the accelerator now and trying to break through the British defense.

@8:34 AM: Gurjit Kaur was there to shoot the ball well, well saved by the defenders.

@8:33 AM: No clear reason to change decision. GB lose their review

@8:31 AM: PENALTY CORNER FOR INDIA! Britain go for a referral

@8:30 AM: Udita is back on after the yellow card, but, another Indian player is shown the green card. India down to 10 players again

@8:28 AM: India needs to press higher and tackle up the field. They are sitting too deep. Britain has 21 circle penetrations while India has 8

@8:27 AM: GOAL!!! This time Baldson scores to put Britain ahead. India 3-4 Britain

@8:26 AM: Same story and it is another PENALTY CORNER FOR BRITAIN

@8:25 AM: Great block and it is another PENALTY CORNER FOR BRITAIN

@8:24 AM: British players are moving the ball too easily in and around the Indian goal. PENALTY CORNER FOR BRITAIN AGAIN

@8:23 AM: Nisha ran out to block the ball and it was a great block. She is up and running again! Great defending

@8:22 AM: PENALTY CORNER FOR BRITAIN! Udita sees a yellow card as well

@8:21 AM: 4th quarter underway

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE: Rani Rampal’s India vs Great Britain live 3rd quarter:

@8:17 AM: 3rd quarter ends: India 3-3 Great Britain

@8:16 AM: 1 second left in the 3rd quarter, and the British saved it.

@8:15 AM: PENALTY CORNER FOR INDIA! After waves of British attack, the Indians have finally gotten close the the British goal and won a penalty corner.

@8:14 AM: British had 3 back-to-back shots on the goal but were not able to score. It was Savita again who came up big and ensured that India does not go behind.

@8:12 AM: It has been All Britain in the dying minutes of the 3rd quarter. India has not been able to stop the Britishers from taking a shot at the goal

@8:11 AM: GREAT SAVE BY SAVITA AGAIN! She is keeping India in this game. The Britishers have really turned up their momentum in the 3rd quarter

@8:09 AM: 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, India 3-3 Britain

@8:08 AM: Salima Tete has been outstanding in this game. She has been troubling the British defense.

@8:06 AM: The game is moving at a very fast pace. A rehydration break has been called.

@8:05 AM: This has been a great end-to-end match! Now Britain was very close to scoring but Savita pulled out a strong save and then Grace blocked the shot.


@8:03 AM: Ball hits the legs and it is another PENALTY CORNER FOR INDIA


@8:02 AM: GOAL!!! British captain scores to draw them level. Referee took a referral but the 3rd umpire told her no reason to change her decision.

@8:01 AM: ANOTHER GREAT SAVE BY SAVITA. Petter shoots the ball in the hot channel and Savita saves with her feet.

@8:00 AM: Good spell of passing by the British. They have constantly been changing flanks and India is unable to do anything about it.

@7:59 AM: The Indians are allowing too much pressure near their goal. There are always 2 British players pressing on one Indian and they are coming away with the ball everytime.

@7:57 AM: Crucial interception at the goal line by Monika


@7:54 AM: Britain starting aggressively to start the 3rd quarter

@7:52 AM: 3rd quarter starts

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE: Rani Rampal’s India vs Great Britain live 2nd quarter:

@7:42 AM: GOAL!!! Vandana puts her name on the scoresheet again! The ball was blocked at first but it deflected near Vandana who made no mistake in striking the ball home. WHAT A COMEBACK! India 3-2 Britain

@7:40 AM: The Indians have been amazing at the end of the 2nd quarter.

@7:39 AM: GREAT CHANCE FOR INDIA! Brilliant through ball and Sharmila got around the goalkeeper, however, she was not composed enough to finish.

@7:38 AM: GOAL!!! Gurjit completes her brace and more importantly, brings India at par with Britain. India 2-2 Great Britain

@7:37 AM: Great run by Salima Tete down the left flank! She runs from the half and enters the British circle to win a PENALTY CORNER FOR INDIA

@7:36 AM: Nisha back on the pitch and now India is back to full strength

@7:35 AM: GOAL!!! Gurjit smashes the ball into the net to give India its 1st goal of the match. India 1-2 Great Britain

@7:34 AM: The ball hits the British player’s legs. ANOTHER PENALTY CORNER


@7:31 AM: GOAL!!! 2nd goal for Britain. An amazing reverse shot by Robertson sees the British go up 2 goals. India 0-2 Britain

@7:30 AM: Nisha shown a green card. She will sit out for 2 minutes.

@7:27 AM: Indian possession has increased from 37% to 44% in the 2nd quarter. They only have 2 circle pentrations.

@7:25 AM: Great defense. The Indian defense has been good saving the penalty corners.


@7:21 AM: GOAL!!! Rayer juggles the ball into the circle from the byline. Unfortunately, the ball went in by Deep Grace’s stick and Britain takes the lead. India 0-1 Great Britain

@7:20 AM: 2nd quarter underway

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE: Rani Rampal’s India vs Great Britain live 1st quarter:

@7:17 AM: 1st quarter over: India 0-0 Britain

@7:15 AM: India has not been in control after the 8th minute. Britain has been attacking and the Indian defense has been holding on somehow. There have been some communication errors in the defense as well but it still remains goalless

@7:13 AM: GREAT BACK-TO-BACK SAVES BY SAVITA PUNIA. Britain could have gotten the penalty corner but they chose to take advantage and Savita made another great save

@7:11 AM: Poor execution and the British turn the ball over. 5 minutes left in the 1st quarter, India 0-0 Britain

@7:10 AM: PENALTY CORNER FOR BRITAIN. Their 2nd of the game

@7:09 AM: Lucky that time, the Indian defense they tried to make space near their own goal instead of clearing it, the British team won the ball but were not able to do what they wanted

@7:08 AM: Great pressing by India and they win the ball upfront

@7:07 AM: First change for India after 6 minutes, Vandana has been substituted out. The temperature here is very high

@7:06 AM: Britain has 67% possession and they are moving the ball freely in their half.

@7:05 AM: Free hit for India, they have not penetrated the Britain circle yet.

@7:04 AM: Great by the Indian team to win the common balls. However, they need to be more efficient in the Britain half.

@7:03 AM: Great save by Savita! The shot was on target and Savita got her glove on that, great reflexes.


@7:00 AM: Great Britain lost the ball and Team India got their first attack. Navneet ran with the ball in the right flank but was stopped

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE: Rani Rampal’s India vs Great Britain live:

@6:59 AM: India is playing from right to left to start the match.

@6:56 AM: The teams have completed their National anthems, Great Britain has won the toss and they choose to start the game.

@6:53 AM: The players are waiting to walk onto the pitch as the umpires enter the pitch first.

@6:45 AM:

@6:40 AM:



JOUBERT Michelle


MEISTER Michelle
Reserve Umpire


Video Umpire




@6:30 AM:

@6:25 AM:

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE: Rani Rampal’s India vs Great Britain live:

Indian women’s hockey team had participated in just two Olympics before the Tokyo Games, have had a dream run in the tournament.

After losing their opening three games, where they scored just 2 goals and conceded 11, India won three crucial games to reach the semifinals. This included defeating 3-time Olympic champions- the mighty Australians in the quarter-finals, who were the favorites to win along with the Netherlands.

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE – India vs Great Britain LIVE: Great Britain finished in 3rd place in Pool A. They lost only two games to the Netherlands and Germany. They scoured through the quarter-finals against Spain in a match that was decided on shoot-out and booked a place in the semis. Though, the mighty Dutch team gave the British side a 5-1 mauling in the semi-final, after defeating them 1-0 in the group.

India has played against Great Britain in Group A and they lost 4-1 in that match. Sharmila Devi scored the only goal for Team India.

Indian women hockey team create history, enter Olympic hockey semifinal for first time | Tokyo Olympics News - Times of India

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE: India vs Great Britain live: Rankings:

The FIH ranking currently has England in 4th place.

The Indian team currently sits in 7th place in the world rankings.

Tokyo Olympics Hockey LIVE: India vs Great Britain live:

India results at Tokyo Olympics so far

  • India lost to Netherlands 5-1
  • India lost to Germany 2-0
  • India lost to Great Britain 4-1
  • India beat Ireland 1-0
  • India beat South Africa 4-3
  • India beat Australia 1-0 (QF)

Great Britain results at Tokyo Olympics so far

  • Great Britain lost to Germany 2-1
  • Great Britain beat the Republic of South Africa 4-1
  • Great Britain beat India 4-1
  • Great Britain lost to Netherlands 1-0
  • Great Britain beat Ireland 2-0
  • Great Britain beat Spain 2(2)-2(0)
  • Great Britain lost to Netherlands 5-1

 India vs Great Britain live –Rani Rampal’s India vs Great Britain

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