Tokyo Olympics: Irish Taekwondo star beaten brutally after he comeback from Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo Olympics: Irish Taekwondo star beaten brutally after he come back from Tokyo Olympics – It’s great to represent the country at the Olympics but at times it can cost you if you lose. An Irish athlete was beaten badly after his return from Tokyo Olympics that he had to be admitted to a hospital. Jack Woolley, who returned to Ireland after Tokyo Olympics, suffered a vicious punch by a stranger in Dublin after midnight of August 14. The injury was so bad that he started bleeding at the crime scene and required stitches in the front and back of his lip following the assault. According to the Sun, Jack Wooley was brought to St. James’ Hospital for facial reconstruction surgery.

However, he was not the only one to be attacked among the group that raises any doubt over any link to his performance in Tokyo Games.

“I was the first one, I recall, being attacked and I was the last one put in an ambulance. That’s how bad the other injuries must have been. I’m just very grateful that it didn’t turn out a lot worse,” he told The Sun.

Wolly informed that there was a hole in his face and his top lip was cut.

“I’m back in on Friday to get the stitches removed and I’ll find out more then. I’m just taking every day as it comes,” he added.

He encountered the attack on his first night out in Dublin since his Olympics return. He termed the punch attack as whirlwind as the person who hit and fled the scene said, “Sorry, wrong person.”

Braving his inner sportsman, Wolly further said, “I want to get on with it as best I can, go back to the normal, go back to training as quick as possible. I don’t want my life to stop over a freak accident.”

Wolley had progressed to the round of 16 in Tokyo Olympics before losing to Lucas Guzman.