Tokyo Olympics: Survey in Japan claims, ’60% of Japan companies reluctant to see Tokyo Olympics’

Tokyo Olympics: Survey in Japan claims, ’60% of Japan companies reluctant to see Tokyo Olympics'
Tokyo Olympics: Survey in Japan claims, ’60% of Japan companies reluctant to see Tokyo Olympics'

Tokyo Olympics – Japan companies ‘reluctant’ to have Olympics: Over 60 percent of companies across Japan are reluctant to have the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics held this year due to concerns about the country’s low COVID-19 vaccination rate, a survey by a credit research company showed earlier this week.

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Tokyo Olympics: Why 60% of companies are reluctant to have Olympics?
The online survey conducted by Tokyo Shoko Research from June 1 to 9 found that 34.7 percent of 9,163 firms responding would prefer the games to be canceled, while 29.3 percent wanted them to be postponed.

Conversely, 36.0 percent of companies said they wanted the major sporting event to be held as scheduled, down about 8 points from the previous survey in February.

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In multiple answers, 76.3 percent of firms cited the low vaccination rate as the reason for wanting to postpone or cancel the games, followed by 75.7 percent referring to concerns that the arrival of Olympic personnel from overseas could help worsen the coronavirus infection situation in Japan.

A further 63.6 percent responded that diverting medical workers for the event would cause a strain on the general health care system in Japan.

Regarding the impact that canceling or postponing the games would have on their business, 58.8 percent of the 4,092 firms that responded said it would have a “large negative impact,” while 41.2 percent said the opposite.

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Tokyo Olympics: Japan’s top COVID-19 adviser calls for Olympics without spectators

Japan’s top COVID-19 adviser said Friday staging the Tokyo Olympics without spectators is “desirable” and the most effective way of reducing the risk of spreading the coronavirus, as he submitted a set of proposals to the government and games organizing committee.

Shigeru Omi, who heads a government subcommittee on the coronavirus, and other infectious disease experts also urged that if spectators are allowed at the games, the attendance cap should be stricter than for other large events in Japan.

The focus is now on how Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will respond to the proposals after saying Thursday he wants fans in the stands at this summer’s Olympics and Paralympics.

The government has said it will allow up to 10,000 spectators at large events such as sports and concerts, as long as they do not surpass 50 percent of venue capacity, in prefectures that are no longer under a state of emergency or quasi-state of emergency.

The rule is expected to apply to Tokyo when the Olympics begin July 23.