Top 10 expensive villlas owned by famous footballers

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Football players are some of the highest earning athletes in the world. As such, they often have cash to burn and their extravagant purchases sometimes make the news, particularly the more eccentric stars of the game.

Footballers earn huge fortunes from their clubs and various brands endorsed by them. Every year in the transfer session we see clubs hunting player for deals with a large amount money.

The taste of some players’ purchases are often called into question, and their homes are no different. David Beckham tops the chart for the most expensive villa among footballers around the world. brings to its readers top 10 expensive villas owned by footballers around the world.

3.) Wayne Rooney – $18 million
This splendid mansion, owned by Wayne Rooney, captain of both the Manchester United and the England national team, was built in 2004. Rooney hasINVESTED a reasonable chunk of this into his Cheshire home. Constructed in the 1930s, the mansion cost Rooney $6 million, but he has since invested considerable time and money into his home which has been more recently valued at $18.3 million. Impressive features of the property include a cinema, golf simulator and an indoor pool. Rooney is currently both Manchester United and England captain and looks set to become England’s all-time record goal scorer in the not-too-distant future.
2.) Didier Drogba – $21 million
This Ivory coast super star is playing now in Montreal Impact and he made his house in $21 million. This is the highest expensive footballer house. The total house space is 8,600 square fits and here seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. He also made a trophy rooms. This beautiful house was built in the year 2007.

4.) Frank Lampard – $10.5 million
Frank Lampard was made his house for 10.5 million. This English footballer is playing now in New York City FC. He included in his house nine bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, a boat dock, a tennis court and a swimming pool. The 9,000 sq ft apartment has a cost of $95,000 to rent. The Manhattan West Village home also has a garage that can fit seven cars and has a view of the Hudson River. The house also has five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

5.) John Terry – $7.5 million
This huge mansion, which belongs to former England captain, John Terry, has 9 bedrooms, a private cinema hall, 8 bathrooms, a swimming pool and the most amazing thing is that a lake is constructed in the garden of this house. John Terry had bought this house from golfer Colin Montgomerie.
6.) Cristiano Ronaldo – $7 million

The three-time Ballon d’Or winner was the highest earning soccer player in the world last year, earning just shy of $80 million. There were complaints about his house in England being unsightly but there have been no such comments made against his Spanish property, located nearby Gareth Bale, Zinedine Zidane and Fernando Torres.

CR7 had his home built from scratch but it still cost him $7 million. The mansion is over 8,000 square feet of luxury, with seven bedrooms, two pools, a 3,000 square meter garden, and a trophy room.

7.) Lionel Messi – $5 million
Someone who is considered to be the best player in the world was bound to be on a list like this. The house includes a spa and private theater and an indoor soccer pitch. The house is valued at $5 million

8.) Mario Balotelli – $4.86 million
Mario Balotelli bought his house for $4.86 million. This house features a swimming pool, four bedrooms, a wine cellar, a helipad, sauna, sports hall and a football pitch. Dubbed the Teletubbies mansion by some in the press, Mario Balotelli was rumored to have swiped this place up following his move to Liverpool.

9.) Andres Iniesta – $4.6 million
One of the finest midfielders of his generation, few have a trophy cabinet to match that of Andres Iniesta’s. Seven La Ligas, three Copa del Reys, four Champions Leagues, two European Championships, a World Cup and still going strong. The Spaniard had the house built almost 10 years ago, and tailored it to his every need. The customized property has his name and shirt number displayed upon the exterior wall of the house, as well as both the Spain and Barcelona badge. As Iniesta did not buy the property it is not as straightforward to evaluate its worth, although some estimates have put it in the region of $4.6 million. Should anyone ever buy the mansion, they may have to make do with Iniesta’s name plastered all over the walls.
10.) Ricardo Kaka – $3.4 million
Kaka’s move to Orlando meant he had to find himself a new home, and while it’s probably not the same value it was as his old homes in Italy and Spain, it’s a lovely little mansion in Islesworth. The home is worth roughly $3.4 million. The home connects to a cul-de-sac and backs up to Lake Brenda. The lake is small, but is not accessible to the general public.

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