Top 5 controversies on Twitch

Top 5 controversies on Twitch: Twitch has been one of the premier most streaming platforms, and with that title comes its fair share of controversial moments. The platform saw the biggest ups and downs of the years surrounding streamers.

#5 Dr Disrespect Banned on Twitch

Dr Disrespect’s ban has been the talk of the streaming community on Twitch this year.  It has been months since the popular streamer was banned and no one is ready to shed light on why Twitch and Doc parted ways. Dr Disrespect moved over to YouTube Gaming, and has been oh so popular there. In just two months– between August and October, he has gotten over 1.3 million subscribers.

#4 Microsoft Shuts Down Mixer and Lets Ninja and Shroud Stream on Twitch Again

Shroud and Ninja are two of the most popular streamers, but when Microsoft gave them a highly lucrative offer to join Mixer, streamers weren’t that happy. Both streamers had received contracts worth millions of dollars, but Microsoft shut down Mixer out of the blue, and their exclusive contracts had ended. While Shroud was welcomed with open arms, it was Ninja who faced the hostility of the audience. But as it turns out, Ninja is back at the top and has over 16.5 million followers on Twitch.

#3 Tayhuhu Banned Because Her Daughter Interacted With The Stream

Twitch was highly scrutinized on social media for banning Brazilian streamer Tayhuhu. Her daughter came and interacted with the streamer as Tayhuhu went to pick up a food delivery. Tayhuhu finally said she did not receive a report on why she was banned from theplatform but says it took her a year to reach a concurrent watching of 300 viewers and the efforts had gone down the drain due to a very small issue.

#2 “Simp”, “Virgin” and “Incel” Banned

According to a new TOS clause of Twitch, the words “simp”, “virgin” and “incel” have been banned from Twitch. There is more to the nitty-gritty of the subject, and suspensions will be handed to streamers if the word is used in an offensive manner. Following the ban on the words, a lot of viewers and streamers started making fun of the new terms of service immediately. As a matter of fact, usage of the word simp on Twitch has almost doubled in the first two weeks of December.

#1 Women Accuse Popular Streamers and Esports Personalities of Sexual Assault

Dozens of women filed sexual assault complaints against many content creator and eSports athletes in June and July against on Twitch. It started with Say No To Rage being accused of sexual assault. It opened a pandara’s box and a lot of content creators were accused of sexual assault. DOTA2 and Smash Bros players were accused in a vast majority, with the result, many were banned on Twitch, and lost sponsorship.