Top 5 maps of all time from Call of Duty Franchise, Listed; Number 4 will Surprise you

Top 5 Maps Call of Duty
Top 5 Maps Call of Duty

Top 5 maps from all Call of Duty Franchise Listed; Number 4 will surprise you: It is almost 20 years for the Call of Duty games where a large number of gamers have been playing this game for so many years. It often crosses our mind, which is the best map of all time in Call of Duty games. We created the list of the top 5 maps of all time in Call of Duty games.

In this article, we have listed the top 5 maps of all times in Call of Duty games. We know it is a nearly impossible task to pick the top 5 ever. We have ranked top 5 maps where many Call of Duty games didn’t get feature at all but it does not necessarily mean that games or maps were bad. Furthermore, the list is based upon the author’s personal opinion, therefore, the reader’s take on this might differ. Now, let’s jump onto the list

5 • RUST

Rust is a small multiplayer map that got featured first in CoD Modern Warfare 2. Developers released this map for Call of Duty: Mobile too. They made this map with the idea of adding a small map like “Shipment”. There is a stairscase & ladderes which will take you to the top of the main foundation of the map, giving you the advantage of high ground over your opponent.

Rust Map - Call of Duty
Rust Map – Call of Duty

4 • Strike

There is no wasted space in the Strike map which is one of the biggest maps in Call of Duty games. Both team’s spawn points are well hidden where no sign or fear of enemies. This map contains several key spots such as the kitchen area, houses near both spawn areas, and the iconic middle building. Search and Destroy mode give you an awesome experience in the Strike Map.

Strike Map - Call of Duty
Strike Map – Call of Duty

3 • Raid

Raid is set at a large mansion which is situated in Hollywood Hills, United States America. Raid is available at Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Call of Duty Mobile, and Call of Duty Online. This map will offer you close-range fights, so if you want to improve your skills at close range, consider playing this map repeatedly.

Raid Map - Call of Duty
Raid Map – Call of Duty

2 • Terminal

There was a tough competition between the top 2 maps of Call of Duty games (according to our ranking). The number 2 spot on the list goes to the Terminal map. This is one of the best maps of all time. This map offers players lots of crazy fights especially long-range encounters. This map is perfectly balanced for every type of player where players can use a Sniper rifle for sniping and if they choose close encounters, they can hold or rush through passenger airplane stationed outside of the terminal building.

Terminal Map - Call of Duty
Terminal Map – Call of Duty

1 • Crash

The all-time best map at Call of Duty games is Crash. The crash is a medium-sized map that got featured in CoD 4: Modern Warfare and CoD: Modern Warfare remastered. This map is also available on the CoDM where they recently introduced the night mode in this multiplayer map. This map has a destroyed helicopter which feels nostalgic for every player who played CoD 4.

Crash Map - Call of Duty
Crash Map – Call of Duty

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