Twitch Restores advertisement on Amouranth’s channel, This is why

Twitch Restores advertisement on Amouranth's channel
Twitch Restores advertisement on Amouranth's channel

Twitch Restores advertisement on Amouranth’s channel: Popular female Twitch streamer, Amouranth recently shared a shocking news with the community where she stated that Twitch disabled advertisement on her channel. Many community members presumed that Twitch has disabled ads on her channel due to the type of content (Hot-tub meta/stream) she is sharing.

Rumors were spreading everywhere about Amouranth’s channel demonetization. Some of them are stating that Twitch has started taking action against Hot-tub meta. But according to Twitch, all rumors are baseless. Twitch recently posted a blog where it cleared all doubts about the incident and also talked about the Hot-tub meta. Twitch admitted that its poor communication with Amouranth was a “mistake.”

This advertisement removal from the channel took place on May 17th, 2021 without giving any notice or reason to the streamer. Amouranth also revealed revenue from the ads on the channel in a conversation on Reddit. She stated that she is making $30,000 – $40,000 revenue from the ads per month which is a large number if we calculate about the annual revenue from ads which will be around $500,000 USD. After Amouranth blasts out on Twitch about the matter through the stream and other social media platforms, Twitch responded on the issue and admitted that it was its failure of communication.

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Twitch stated, “We also want to address questions by our creators about the suspension of advertisement on their channels. For brand ads, Twitch get to decide where the ads should appear, and they flag channels where they don’t want to show their ads if the channel doesn’t meet their standards. In rare cases, Twitch will suspend advertising on a channel basis of advertisers’ request.”

They further added, “In recent weeks, we have suspended advertising on few channels that were flagged by a large number of advertisers. It was a mistake from our side where we failed to notify them. We should have informed affected streamers about this update before it happened, it was a mistake not to do so. We are working with content creators of our Platform to address the situation and restore the ads as soon as possible.”

Twitch didn’t mention the names of any streamers who involved in the suspension of the advertisement incident in its blog post.

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