Uday Shankar hails Sanjay Gupta’s contribution to Star India

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Walt Disney Company Asia Pacific President and Star & Disney India chairman Uday Shankar has showered lavish praise on Sanjay Gupta as the latter quits as the Star & Disney India Country Head.

Announcing Gupta’s departure from Star & Disney India, Uday in an internal mail to the entire Star India team has hailed Gupta as the most “gifted in the entire Indian M&E sector”.

Uday has also extended his wishes to Gupta as the latter stepped down from his position in Star & Disney India while appreciating his contribution to Star India.

“So critical has been Sanjay Gupta’s contribution in building Star India into one of the finest and most successful M&E companies in Asia that I would be undermining his contribution. However, I want to share is what an amazing friend and thought partner Sanjay has been to me personally. I have always talked about what an amazing team we have… There is no one quite gifted as Sanjay in the entire Indian M&E sector,” Uday has stated in an internal email to all employees.

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“Based on my experience, I can say that there are few like him. His departure is a big personal loss to me. Above and beyond anyone else, Sanjay has been the person who has taken charge of my craziest ideas. He leaves a void in my life that would be impossible to fill.

“But that’s life. The great company that Sanjay built must continue to scale greater heights and that will require each one of us to step up…make arrangements to deal with his absence with as little disruption as possible. I am grateful to him for that.”

Gupta has joined Google as Country Manager and Vice President of Sales & Operations, India.