UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals LIVE : These rules all 8 teams have to follow or face UEFA sanctions in Lisbon

It’s all set for UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals this weekend. Teams have already started landing for a ‘final eight’ knockout tournament played across 12 days in Lisbon. UEFA, the European football governing body, has laid down very strict protocols for participating teams to follow. 

UEFA has handed 31 page protocol document to each and every team and have instructed them to strictly follow the same. 

According to UEFA if protocols are not followed properly by the teams the staging of future international games will be at risk. According to a report by BBC Sport, in Lisbon, all eight teams and their officials, including Premier League side Manchester City, are required to stick to the rules from this 31-page document.

UEFA Champions League LIVE : Rule No. 1 – Complete Hotel lockdown, no venturing out

– Players will not be allowed to leave the Hotels. No Sight-seeing, no venturing out. 

– If at all someone has to leave, it will be done with prior permissions from UEFA officials and then too they will not be allowed to come into contact with anyone outside their group.

– In the hotels, players should have private access routes and a private dining area, while food should only be served by the team’s own staff.

– No Laundry services in the hotel will be used. Team staff will handle all the requirements. 

UEFA Champions League LIVE : Rule No. 2 – Covid19 tests before each game

– Team squads will have to undergo repeated tests in Lisbon. 

– Even on the day of the match, each and every member of the squad will be tested, results will be delivered six hours before kick off. 

–  It is worth noting Uefa’s rules stipulate that provided a team can field 13 ‘A list’ players, plus a goalkeeper, games have to go ahead. If a team cannot do that, they would be allowed to bring in any new signings who had not been registered.

– Uefa would look at the potential for rescheduling on a case-by-case basis. However, given the Champions League final will not be moved from 23 August, the reality for any team not capable of fielding a side is that they would probably have to forfeit the fixture.

UEFA Champions League LIVE : Rule No. 3 Disinfected transport and VIP exit

– Planes and buses must be thoroughly disinfected and, “to minimise contact with the general public”, 

– Players will be using VIP arrival areas at airports.

– The rules for leaving the bus are less glamorous – you just need to remember to use the central door and not get off at the front.

UEFA Champions League LIVE : Rule No. 4 – Players not allowed to swap jerseys

UEFA has clearly instructed all teams that no player should indulge in customary Jersey Swap. 

As per the norms Jersey Swapping is a strict no-no during the Champions League games in Lisbon
UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals Match Schedules & TV Timings for LIVE STREAMING

August 13: Atlanta vs PSG

August 14: RB Leipzig vs Atletico Madrid

August 15 : Bayern Munich vs Barcelona
August 16: Lyon vs Manchester City

Both the semi-finals will be played on August 19 and the final will be played on August 24.

All the matches will be played at 00:30 hours as per IST and will be streamed LIVE On Sony LIV and will be broadcasted LIVE on SONY SPORTS