UFC 265: What’s next for Derrick Lewis after a loss against Ciryl Gane?

UFC 265 Derrick Lewis loss

 UFC 265: What’s next for Derrick Lewis after a loss against Ciryl Gane?: UFC 265 wasn’t really the night for Derrick Lewis, as the knock-out artist fell victim to a sensational stoppage. French rival Ciryl Gane unloaded his best side against ‘The Black Beast’ and beat him for the maiden UFC Interim heavyweight belt. Meanwhile, this defeat can be a bit more scratchy since Lewis lost the fight in his hometown, Texas.

The result of the fight has already boosted Ciryl Gane’s status and he will now face world champion Francis Ngannou for the belt. However, Derrick Lewis has been pushed beyond in the race and might have to resurrect himself in the title picture from the start.

Nevertheless, he was a top-tier name and despite the loss at UFC 265, Derrick Lewis will still match up against some of the best in the division. That said, it might also hold a few re-matches against those whom Derrick Lewis has already beaten in the past. Here’s a look at three possible opponents who can bring back Lewis into action.

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UFC 265 loss: Rematch against Volkov

Alexander Volkov got knocked out cold by Derrick Lewis when they first met at UFC 229 ‘McGregor vs Khabib’. The fatal KO almost ended Volkov’s hope of survival in the division. But ‘Drago’ regained momentum with a 3-2 steak, which demands another win at this stage.

Both Volkov and Lewis have suffered their latest losses against Ciryl Gane. So, the rematch can potentially bring one of them in the title ride. While Lewis could surpass ‘Drago’ in the first fight, it’s Volkov’s opportunity now to avenge the loss.

Derrick Lewis vs Augusto Sakai

After four straight wins, Derrick Lewis’ impeccable run has come to a halt. Akin to that, Augusto Sakai’s successful start in the UFC saw him gain three straight wins. However, the last two fights against Alistair Overeem and Jairzinho Rozenstruik dropped him on the charts with consecutive KO losses.

While Sakai is now aiming for a return, Lewis can be a viable choice. Meanwhile, Lewis can also rebound by going against a contender who has lost against both the top-tier opponents of his career.

UFC 265 loss: Derrick Lewis vs Stipe Miocic?

The heavyweight division is currently in a mess. While it’s clear that Francis Ngannou will defend his strap against Ciryl Gane, former champion Stipe Miocic‘s availability is still untested. It is rumored that light heavyweight elite Jon Jones can stage his heavyweight debut in 2022, and he can possibly face Miocic.

sTIPE mIOCIC ufcBut if the same doesn’t happen, Lewis vs Miocic can be an alluring matchup. The recent losses in their careers have scrapped Lewis and Miocic from the championship race. So, they can lock horns to regain their lost volume in an absolute fan-favorite collision.

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