United Basketball Alliance signs Satnam Singh

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United Basketball Alliance has signed Satnam Singh, the first Indian national to be drafted into the NBA, as one of the key members this season.

With this signing, UBA continues to reaffirm its commitment towards the growth of Indian basketball by giving the players an opportunity to play at the highest level.

NBA legend AC Green, Director of Sport at the UBA made the announcement that the UBA has signed Satnam Singh to a player contract. Green stated: “I watched Satnam play in the NBA during his time in the United States while I was working with the Los Angeles Lakers. We are happy that Satnam has the opportunity to play in India in front of his friends, family and fans in the upcoming UBA Season 5.”

Satnam played briefly for the Mavericks in NBA’s Summer League and spent two years with Texas Legends, the G-League affiliate of Dallas Mavericks. While he had limited playing time, he made an impression with his drive and hunger to get better. This will be the first time that Satnam will play in front of India on live television when he debuts for the UBA.

“I want to play a role in the journey to take Indian basketball to the next level,” said Satnam to UBA with pride. “I’m very excited to play in the UBA along with the best players from India and abroad. I’ve been working for an opportunity to show what I can do and this will be the perfect stage for me to compete at the highest level in front of India, to continue working to improve my game and to help grow the love for basketball here. I’m indebted to my first coach Dr. Subramanian, without whom none of this would have been possible.”

Satnam had few opportunities to play for India over the years owing to his training commitments and constraints. Having been focused on growing as a player amidst limited playing time, now at the age of 21, Satnam comes home to play in UBA and continue working towards reaching his considerable potential.

“Guys like this, this size and with the softness of his hands and his footwork, aren’t grown on trees,” said Dallas Mavericks’ head coach Rick Carlisle of Satnam Singh.

Being of a very young age still, Satnam has a bright future ahead of him and playing in the fast-paced UBA in a prominent role for a team will help him accelerate his progress. With the UBA having brought on NBA’s legendary Ironman A.C. Green as Director of Sports last week, Satnam will have no shortage of expert guidance to help shape his career and take his skills to the next level.

UBA also has an experienced coaching staff in Jody Basye (Director of Coaching) and Jon Kimberlin (League Assistant Coach), in addition to the team coaches to help the players attain their potential. UBA has also conducted two yearly US Pro Training Camps where the top players from India were sent to the USA to train.

This will be the first time India will get to see Satnam play a starting role on live TV in India. With this signing, UBA reaffirmed its commitment towards the growth of Indian basketball by giving the players an opportunity to play at the highest level in India itself.