US Open: Prize purse and revenue of richest tournament

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As who is who of professional tennis take field at the Queen’s Tennis Center in New York, USA, from today (Monday), they are not just poised for the last Grand Slam crown of the year. The biggest ever prize purse in tennis history also awaits each of the participants who joins the main draw.

The luxurious tag of being the richest prize money tennis competition ever comes from the comfort of being the highest-grossing Grand Slam.

Players gains first. Never in the history of professional tennis, a Grand Slam champion has returned home richer than what awaits them in prize purse and appearance money United States Tennis Association has confirmed for US Open 2019.

The USTA this year had further raised the purse of the richest prize money grand slam tournament with a total pay packet of $57,238,700.

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US OPEN 2019: How much players will earn in prize money

USTA accused of under reporting US Open revenue: Report

This ensures that the winners of the men’s and women’s singles tournaments will each receive a record $3.85 million prize, 1.32% more than the 2018 champions, and runners up will quickly get over the loss by pocketing $1.9 million each.

Even a first-round appearance in the main draw shall be worth a cheque of $58,000. This is 47% higher than what the players received following their opening round exit. The prize purse for those playing the second-round is up by 46%.

“The US Open prides itself on offering the best tennis players in the world the richest total prize money in our sport. We strive to be innovative and feel that our new contribution of $500,000 to both the ATP’s pension plan and the WTA Tour’s transition programs for players will go a long way toward the long-term financial well-being of all of our sport’s athletes,” USTA chairman Patrick Galbraith has said last month while releasing the prize money details for the year.

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The 2019 total purse has a more than a 13%increase on the $50.5 million offered in 2018. Prize money at the US Open has increased by 67% since 2013 and the US Open was the first tournament to offer equal prize money to men and women back in 1973

The below tables give a full break down for prize money across all five events at this year’s US Open tournament: the men’s and women’s singles (equal prize money), men’s and women’s doubles and the mixed doubles.

The US dollar amounts have also been converted into GBP and Euros to give a comparison. The exchange rate is the rate from early August but will be updated to the mid-market exchange rate on the day of the final when the tournament is complete. You can also see the % increase from prize money offered last year.

US Open Men’s and Women’s Singles Prize Money for 2019

2019 Prize Money $ USD Year on Year Increase vs 2018
Winner $3,850,000.00 1.32%
Runner-up $1,900,000.00 2.70%
Semifinal $960,000.00 3.78%
Quarterfinal $500,000.00 5.26%
Round 4 $280,000.00 5.26%
Round 3 $163,000.00 4.49%
Round 2 $100,000.00 7.53%
Round 1 $58,000.00 7.41%

According to the Forbes magazine, as the US Open had celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, the tournament was poised to generate at least $350 million in revenue, becoming the highest-grossing tennis tournament. The tournament has registered a consistent growth during the decade, starting from $ 226 million in 2011.

Broadcast rights (34%) and tickets (37%) contribute to a giant’s share to the total US Open revenue, with the next best (around 20%) coming from the sponsors. Merchandise contribute somewhere close to 13% of the gross income.

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