UWW World Championship 2019: Russia dominates freestyle category, wins 4 out of 6 golds

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If Greco-Roman squad was the under-performer for Russia, the freestyle men team has exceeded all expectations for the king of wrestling, the Russian team. At the end of the penultimate day of the world championship, Russia freestyle team has already won 4 out of 6 gold medals at stake. They are in finals of 2 more in 61kg & 97kg categories. 
Russia is also comfortable leading the team ranking point table currently. The top 8 teams will qualify for the world cup in each category. 

Team Ranking

Rank Men’s freestyle Men’s Greco-Roman Women’s freestyle
Team Points Team Points Team Points
1  Russia 115  Russia 132  Japan 137
2  Kazakhstan 75  Uzbekistan 80  Russia 108
3  Iran 45  Georgia 79  United States 105
4  United States 40  Iran 75  China 102
5  India 38  Kazakhstan 72  Ukraine 92
6  Japan 32  Japan 65  Kazakhstan 53
7  Turkey 28  Hungary 64  Mongolia 49
8  Italy 26  Cuba 57  Azerbaijan 48
9  Georgia 25  Armenia 55  Germany 42
10  Poland 23  Germany 50  Sweden 41
At the end of the 8th day, Russia has already won 15 medals including 8 golds overall. The 8th day star for Russia was undoubtedly Zaurbek SIDAKOV. Sidakov successfully defended his world title in the freestyle 74kg class by defeating Frank CHAMIZO (ITA) 5-2 in the final, one of two titles won by Russia on Day 8 of the World Championships in Nur-Sultan.

“I can’t say it’s the same because last year was my first title,” Sidakov said. “After I became a world champion [last year in Budapest], I went to sleep and suddenly woke up at 4 a.m. Is it true that I became a world champion? I started looking for the belt.”

125kg, Geno PETRIASHVILI of Georgia won the Gold

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