Valorant: Global Esports Ends Velocity Gaming’s Unbeaten Record in Valorant

Velocity Gaming had been unbeaten in every series, in every tournament they played, bagging every title and trophy possible in Valorant. However, Global Esports has done the unthinkable, ending VLT’s unbeaten run in Valorant by inflicting a 2-0 defeat to their rivals.

The first map, Split, the first round say Velocity Gaming go ham 8-3. With a 5 round lead, the game looked over, but global showed discipline and never die attitude to win 13-11. However, it was far from easy with Global made to toil for the win. Debanjan ‘ DeathMaker’ Das and Jayanth ‘skillZ’ Ramesh led the server in terms of kills on Split.

Ascent went down to the wire, with VLT Gaming mounting a comeback to level the scores and push the map into overtime. However, Global Esports wrapped up things with a 14-12 scoreline to inflict VLT’s first official defeat ever in Valorant history. DeathMaker and skillZ were the stars for Global once again while Sabyasachi ‘Antidote‘ Bose stepped up for VLT, putting up a valiant effort to push it to a third map.

Even though VLT might have lost their undefeated tag, they are not yet out of LG Ultragear TEC Valorant Challenger Series 2, with Global Esports only knocking them down to the lower bracket. Global esports players feel like they need to be ready to face them in the finals as they believe VLT gaming will come back ten times stronger. This healthy competition will make teams push themselves a further, we hope this will bring us a team that will compete on an International level.

Velocity gaming’s dominance reminded us of the dominance Signify showed us 2 years ago. Such a consolidation, where one team dominates and kills the competition isn’t a good thing for the scene in general. Global taking away their win streak is going to give hope to the other teams as well that Velocity gaming is not unbeatable.