Valorant: India is in talks for a slot in the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour

Valorant India: Champions Tour
Valorant India: Champions Tour

Valorant India Champions Tour? Opportunities may arise as India is in talks for a slot in the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour. Starting off with a year-long campaign, the Valorant Champions Tour is the first-ever truly global tournament from Riot. Teams that will emerge as champions from their respective regions, will get a chance to participate in the greatest stage. Now for India, if sources from IGN are to be believed, “Riot has reached out to multiple stakeholders in the local (Indian) ecosystem to make this possible”.

While there has been an increase in the number of Valorant Tournaments in India, it is still limited to specific regions. However, with popular faces from the mobile gaming industry part-taking in those events, it is true that Valorant in India is steadily picking up the pace. The success of tournaments such as the Skyesports League stands proof.

On the other hand, Riot itself has been ignorant about the Indian Valorant market. A lot of players went up to the extent of accusing the gaming giant of thinking ‘India doesn’t exist’. Regardless of what Riot thinks, if they wish to host a major National Valorant Event, they might consider the help of local tournament organisers. Unlike Riot, they have been leading the Indian Valorant esports scene from the front.

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While Riot has expressed it is “thrilled” with India’s response to Valorant, the company has been laying low when it comes to running esports operations in the country. According to IGN, the reason behind maintaining the low profile is the ongoing ban on Chinese tech company Tencent by the Indian Government. As Riot is entirely owned by the Chinese Gaming Giant, it doesn’t wish to draw much attention towards itself with gala events & getting the game banned in the process.

Coming to India’s contribution to the game, the best teams from the nation has been consistent with their remarkable performance in the Valorant Esports Scene. According to the stats by VLR.GG , Team Mahi, and Global Esports rank among the top 15 teams in the APAC region. Therefore, given the opportunity, the Indian teams have what it takes to shine against the bests of the world. We will provide detailed updates once Riot comes up with something.