VALORANT X Zedd: Riot Games collaborate with Zedd to reveal new SPECTRUM skin in VALORANT

VALORANT X Zedd: Riot Games recently announced a collaboration with the popular DJ and record producer Anton Zaslavski. He is best known by his stage name Zedd and is among the biggest names in the electronic music genre. It is well known to the fans that Zedd is fond of gaming and is a huge fan of VALORANT. A recent tweet by Riot games revealed that VALORANT has teamed up with Zedd to put forth the new Spectrum Skin.

VALORANT X Zedd:  Riot Games released a YouTube video hosted by Zedd revealing VALORANT’s first audio-driven skins known as the SPECTRUM. The Spectrum Skin is mainly focused on the sound design in the bundle. The senior weapon artist, Chris Stone said, “For Spectrum, we worked backwards-with audio first, VFX second and model last. This required us to slightly rethink how we typically produce skins, but also was a fun challenge for the team that allowed us to develop the best skin possible”.

VALORANT X Zedd: The new Spectrum skin line is heavily based on the electronic sound visuals and colours which is typically expected from an electronic musician. The weapons get a cool futuristic look and is one of the sophisticated weapon lines VALORANT has seen till date. The Zedd bundle will feature five Spectrum skins, a Spectrum Card, a Spectrum Spray, a Zedd Gun Buddy and a Spectrum Gun Buddy. Each weapon comes with three different colour variants and each has four levels to unlock except the melee weapon which has two. Players can hear unique audio produced by Zedd from each of the weapons. The Senior Producer, Preeti Khanolkar said, “We often say that every skin has to have an ‘oh shit’ moment, but I feel like this skin has several big ‘oh shit’ moments”. Players will have to spend around 10,700 VALORANT points in order to get their hands on the new Spectrum skin lineup.

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