VEQTA to bring Mayweather Vs McGregor live for Indian fans

VEQTA to bring Mayweather Vs McGregor live for Indian fans- InsideSport

The ‘Fight of the Millenium’ will be available live to Indian fans.

The most awaited fight of the year will be webcast live on VEQTA, an over-the-top platform dedicated to sports. The deal between the sport webcaster’s backed by ITW and bout organisers has been signed.

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather will finally face each other after several weeks and months of negotiations, speculation, trash talking, posturing, training and much more. The main event now is merely a few days away.

Thousands are set to turn up at the T-Mobile Arena and millions more going to watch live action around the world on 26 August.

There is no broadcaster finalized for India. But fans won’t have to miss out the action. The OTT platform VEQTA will webcast the action live on 27 August from 6:30 am (IST) on Sunday.

The webcaster is promoting the schedule on its social media platform.

However, it comes at a cost. The platform doesn’t follow the Pay-Per View model. Thus, the fans will have to pay a nominal Rs 99 annual subscription fee to secure access the the digital platform.

The fight is tipped to create many commercial records for professional boxing. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao had set the bar so high that the experts only granted a chance to Mayweather-McGregor duel to better those numbers. Now the time has arrived. The crossover match between the biggest superstar from the boxing world and the biggest mixed martial arts icon is going to establish that nothing is unbreakable when two dreaded heroes of combat sports exchange blows in the ring.