Vivo gets 6.5 time ROI on Rs 60 cr PKL investment: Study

Vivo gets 6.5 time ROI on Rs 60 cr PKL investment: Study- InsideSport

An investment of INR 60 crore is going to get an ROI of 6.5 times in Year One of the investment for Vivo as the Pro Kabaddi League title sponsor. These defining values for the PKL emerge from a brand market study by SMG India.

Vivo’s INR 60 crore per annum commitment is around 12% higher than the INR 53 cr Hero Motocrop pays to ISL as the title sponsor. Did the investment on a property that in the previous season’s was without a sponsorship deal make a commercial sense for Vivo?

It is not cricket. But, is it the second best to cricket? The debate on the PKL brand value was sparked when Chinese smartphone brand Vivo had made an INR 300 crore commitment for a five-year PKL title sponsorship deal.

Yes is the answer on comparing the ROIs the PKL and ISL for Vivo and Hero respectively on their title sponsorship investments on two premier non-cricket leagues. SMG India has made the ten-second sponsorship spot value the base for calculating the ROIs for the title sponsors.

The numbers have made Vivo PKL the best value for money for a sponsor looking for marketing spent on sports outside cricket.

“It(PKL) is poor marketers’ cricket,” brand expert Harish Bijoor best sums up the commercial and market value of Vivo PKL, the best emerging commercial property in India after the Indian Premier League or cricket involving the Indian national team. “Marketeers spot the opportunity wherever there are eyeballs which can be ‘massified’. That is the beauty of PKL.

“In fact, the audience for kabaddi where it is played is a nano percentage of what cricket attracts, but the viewership on television is much bigger. That is also because of the showcasing ability of the broadcaster. The IPL format kind of a cricketainment has been replicated into kabaddi.

“Fundamentally people with lesser marketing budgets actually look for the big value for the buck spent through the eyeballs generated by kabaddi,” says Bijoor.

SMG India study also indicates major gains for the brands associated with the PKL and its broadcast. “The league at the 60 match stage had registered 39% more viewers in comparison to the PKL Season IV over the same number of games. It is not just that the PKL is attracting more viewers than any of the previous seasons, but the people tuning in to watch the matches are spending an average 24 minutes per game than 19 minutes per game in the previous season. These numbers indicate an enhanced brand exposure for the sponsors,” says Joseph Eapen, senior vice president, SMG, India.

These ROIs are determined by the aggregate value the brand will generate for its on-air presence during the television broadcast of the PKL Season.