What is this ₹ 2.75 lakh amount Kapil Dev received after 36-year-long wait

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Kapil Dev is a successful serial entrepreneur today. Even for an appearance on television as a cricket expert, he will command a value of more than several lakh rupees per day. His commercial value for brand endorsements runs into lakhs of rupees.

For this legendary cricketer ₹ 2.75 lakh is not an amount he will chase for years. The grand success – on and off the field – over the past 36 years has given Kapil many good reasons to remember, cherish and cheer about. So, an unpaid sum of a few lakh rupees will not even be on the lowest pedestal for the cricket legend who has tasted the success at the highest level in world cricket.

Kapil for sure won’t have waited for this payment, but he gets his dues worth ₹ 2.75 lakh (interest included) in his bank account after good 36 years – from 1982 to 2018.

Kapil Dev has received a provident fund amount transfer of ₹ 2.75 lakh good 36 years after he had left his employer. No joke is this. This is also not a news about some namesake of cricket legend Kapil Dev Nikhanj. The 1983 World Cup champion captain Kapil Dev it is.

Better late than never – Kapil’s employer Modi Spinning and Weaving Company has eventually paid his dues with interest. The amount, according to a Dainik Hindustan report from Modi Nagar, has been transferred to the cricketer’s bank account.

Kapil Dev has reportedly served in the Modi Spinning and Weaving company as a liaising officer between 1979 and 1982. He has formally joined the company shortly after his India debut on the 1978 tour of Pakistan. Though, his sporting association with the brand had started when he was a student of the Chaudhary Charan Singh University.

Kapil had, according to company manager Rajendra Sharma, had joined the group on the request of the company director and cricket administrator YK Modi, a nephew of the Modi Group founder Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi.

Kapil during that period would regularly play for the company’s cricket team.

The amount of ₹ 2.75 lakh will not matter much, or at all, for now the successful entrepreneur Kapil Dev. However, even on inflationary value ₹100 in 1982 would be equivalent to ₹ 1,420 today. Thus, if the PF were valued at ₹ 1 lakh at that time, the equivalent monetary value today would be ₹ 14 lakh.

In the intervening period, Kapil has emerged one of the most successful captains to earn India the prestigious 1983 ICC World Cup, besides creating the world record for the highest  434 Test wickets and slamming 5,248 Test runs. In 225 one-day internationals for India, Kapil had slammed 3,783 runs and taken 253 wickets.