Will a 48-team World Cup be improved spectacle for the football fans?

The teams are going to play the same number of matches. The duration of the tournament shall still be confined to 32 days. The global football calendar will not be disturbed even if more teams are competing in the FIFA World Cup. As the world’s most popular sport reaches out to more and more countries, the talent pool available for the sport will go up.

Countries which are at the fringe of World Cup participation, this could be music to their years. Of the 211 members that FIFA has, 135 have never participated in the World Cup. Since more countries can now participate, it could provide a platform for new countries, and their stars, to shine on the global stage. Remember Cameroon, and Roger Milla?

Since the following for the sport across the continents of Asia, Africa and South America is near hysterical, the three continents also pour in a lot of money into the sport. Hence, reaching out to those markets is an excellent marketing idea from the FIFA brass.

While this reads like a bag of goodies has been sent across to the world of football lovers, not everything that is spoken could be as good as it sounds, if the skeptics are to be believed.

More teams may not mean that the quality of the game could be the best since several teams that could make it to the World Cup may not be the most deserving to be part of the elite group. Asia and Africa, hopefully, could be beneficiaries with doors being opened for more teams.

Some European clubs have voiced concern over the number of teams. Their players, they fear, could be impacted since once in four-year opportunity could mean injuries and perhaps staying away from club engagements. Even though there have been some voices against the new format, the clubs must happy that the tournament will be confined to 32 days.