Wizards vs 76ers Game 3 NBA Playoffs Score: 76ers win 132-103, takes a commanding 3 game lead

Wizards vs 76ers Game 3 Live in NBA Playoffs: Washington Wizards vs Philadelphia 76ers- 30th May NBA LIVE stream, watch online, Schedules, Date, India time, Live Link, Scores: Starting 5 and Pre-Game Updates: 76ers win 132-103, takes a commanding 3 game lead

Wizards vs 76ers Quarter 4

Timeout Wizards, still down 23. At this point, you have to wonder about Washington pulling its best players as well. Westbrook is playing hurt. Beal has been dealing with nagging injuries lately.

If Washington wants to have any chance in Game 4, they should probably ensure that their guys are all fresh.

Russell Westbrook is up to 11 career postseason triple-doubles after getting that 10th assist. He has 184 in the regular season, including 38 this season alone. It wasn’t enough with Washington so overmatched in this series.


Score after 3: 76ers a lot, Wizards a little. It’s a 23-point lead for Philly in what has turned into one of the most uneven games of the first round. One of these teams is contending for the title. The other is going home in a few days. You can see the difference.

Wizards vs 76ers Quarter 3

The Wizards just can’t the Sixers down even a little bit. Washington’s defense isn’t exactly worth writing home about, but the biggest questions the Sixers will face this postseason are on offense. So far, they’ve answered the call.

Wizards seem to be controlling the terms of engagement. This has been a fast-paced quarter. And it doesn’t matter. Philly is just out-executing them.

We’ve seen five 3’s in the first two minutes and a change of this half. Of course, Philly has been hot all day. Washington is going to need to do more than make their own shots to beat them.


Wizards vs 76ers Quarter 2

That’s nine of 19 for Philly on 3’s. They’re unbeatable when they shoot like this.

Ish Smith headed to the locker room, according to Malika Andrews. It’s his left shoulder, but that’s a real problem for the Wizards.

Remember, Russell Westbrook is at least than full strength as well. They need their other guards to be more productive today, not less.

Those missed Thybulle 3’s won’t matter much in this series, but it’s something to watch as we inch towards the bigger matchups.

The Nets and Bucks are going to leave him wide open behind the arc and dare him to beat them. If he can’t, Philly’s bench offense grinds to a halt.

Wizards vs 76ers Quarter 1

This might be the easiest offensive game Philly has played all season. They’re getting open 3’s whenever they want them.

All things considered, his 3’s aren’t a horrible outcome for the Wizards. But Danny Green, Tobias Harris and Seth Curry getting the shots they’ve gotten are simply inexcusable.

The Wizards need to get Davis Bertans going. He is coming off of an absolutely horrid Game 2 in which he fouled out with posting a single point, rebound, or assist. That opening 3 is a nice start for him, but look for the Wizards to continue getting him involved.

We’re only four minutes or so into this thing and it’s become clear that Washington can’t defend Philly one bit. Curry just hit Ben Simmons with the easy pass for an open dunk, and the Wizards call timeout.

The Wizards are built for track meets. The Sixers are built to destroy you inside. This game has been played on their terms thus far.

Very smart analysis by Vince Carter here. Ben Simmons just missed both free throws and Vince points out that he’s hitting the back of the rim, meaning his shot is flat rather than arced. You rarely get such in-depth technical analysis on broadcasts, so this is a rare treat.


Wizards vs 76ers Starting 5 and Pre-Game Updates

The Wizards head back to the Capital One Arena for Game 3 of the series against the 76ers. They currently trail 2-0.

The Philadelphia 76ers have indefinitely banned a fan that dumped popcorn on Russell Westbrook while he was on his way back to the locker room.

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Match Details: Washington Wizards vs Philadelphia 76ers

Time: 04:30 A.M. (IST)

Date: 30-05-2021

Venue: Capital One Arena, Washington

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