World Cup 2018: 5 unique celebrations and interesting tales behind them

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World Cup 2018: 5 unique celebrations and interesting tales behind them

Scoring a goal is always a joyous moment for any player. Even the most consistent scorers erupt in joy every time they find the net. The teams have their own styles to celebrate in solidarity. While some of the celebratory gestures may just end up being a customary expression the joy, some others become a style statement worth identity of the player and the teams. The FIFA World Cup 2018 to has its moments and stars who will be remembered as much for their football skills as for their uniqueness to celebrate the rewards of that skill.

Arytem Dyzuba (pictured) entered the field as late as in the 70th minute of the round-of-16 match against Saudi Arabia in the tournament opener. In a mere 60 seconds, Dyzuba was bang on target. Dyzuba’s celebratory salute thereafter became his trademark. The Russian striker, in fact, was reciprocating the gesture from his team coach Stanislav Cherchesov, who had saluted Dyzuba for his quick response goal. Dyzuba also celebrated his goals against Egypt and Spain with a salute towards the team dugout.

French star striker Antoine Griezman celebrates his success with a dance move. His love for the video game Fortnite has no bounds. The French forward exhibits his love for the game in his trademark “Take the L” dance move almost every time after scoring a goal.


French teenager Kylian Mbappe is also making a distinct identity for his celebratory skid on the knees. The style has originated from a FIFA game, but in the augmented reality world. His younger brother Ethan Mbappe, while played FIFA on play station, celebrated in the manner what Kylian has adapted to express his joy on the real big FIFA stage.


Lionel Messi’s raised arms towards the heavens is a thanks giving gesture and display of love for his Grandmother, who had introduced him to the sport that gave him an iconic status. Every time he scores a goal, Messi remembers the departed soul by lifting his hands and looking at the heaven.



The Columbian dance. Columbia has not just brought their footballing skills to Russia, it is also their dance that has found its way. Their way of dancing was presented to all after Yerry Mina scored a late goal against Senegal to take them through to the next round. All combined near the sidelines was a perfect way to celebrate the all-important goal.