World Cup 2018: Dejected Colombians trade tickets with English fans coming late to the party

England team at the World Cup 2018

Columbia’s loss is England’s gain. The English fans who are dashing in late to cheer their team in the World Cup final do not have much ticketing woes.

The disgruntled fans of the teams who have been kicked out of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia are looking for ways to sell their tickets bought with a hope that their nation will qualify for the Grand Finale.

The joy of some of the die-hard football fans for getting tickets for the final has ended up in a dejection with elimination of their teams and the struggle to sell the tickets, which are of not much use for them now.

Many fans had purchased tickets hoping to cheer for their home teams. Their dreams are shattered now and they look for the best value for the tickets.

Some of the fans are reportedly selling their tickets on Russian streets, seeking premium from the English fans who are arriving late in Russia. Even as any sales of tickets bought for watching the games are illegal, the fans are seeking double the amount on tickets face value.

Earlier this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a legislation that banned the resale of World Cup tickets. Offenders can face a fine of up to 25 times the original price of the ticket.

Meanwhile, Dozens of English fans have started heading for Moscow in a last-minute rush on Tuesday in an effort to be part of a potentially historic sporting moment as England take on Croatia in the World Cup semi-finals.

England have not won a FIFA World Cup title since 1966 and the fans are hoping a repeat after more than 50 years.

Taking advantage of extra match tickets released by organisers, and additional seats provided on Moscow-bound flights, fans have been flocking to on London’s Heathrow airport in thousands with hope in their hearts and prayers on their lips.

England will take on Croatia in the second semi-finals tie today (Wednesday) at Luzhniki stadium.