World Cup 2019: ICC relies on Indo-Pak match power for merchandise sales

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The India-Pakistan game at Old Trafford, Manchester, on June 16 remains the biggest draw for the ICC World Cup 2019. Such is the strength of the match that even International Cricket Council is relying on its commercial potential sell the World Cup 2019 merchandise.

The ICC offer gives the fans an opportunity to win up to four tickets for the India-Pakistan match by buying the World Cup 2019 merchandise from the ICC World Cup official store. By spending a mere £60 (₹5,445) on ICC World Cup official store a fan becomes eligible to win the four tickets.

A good bargain for the lucky winners. An investment of a mere £60 (₹ 5,445) can earn the fans match tickets worth more than ₹ 3 lakh as the India-Pakistan match tickets carry the highest price tag for any World Cup 2019 match. The minimum denomination starts for over ₹ 77,000.

By offering the India-Pakistan match tickets, the ICC is also targeting the huge Indian market. Over 80,000 Indian fans are expected to travel to England for the ICC World Cup this summer. That will be the biggest fan presence for any team after hosts England.

India have not lost to Pakistan in an ICC World Cup in their previous six meetings.

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