World Cup 2019: India-Pakistan match tickets still on sale

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There is a bad news about the India-Pakistan match tomorrow (Sunday). And, then there is a good news for the fans who want to be at the Old Trafford, Manchester, for the match.

The bad news first. Weathermen are predicting rains and threat of a washout looms large.

The good news is that optimistic fans can still buy the match tickets. For as low a price as mere ₹ 21,680.

International Cricket Council had long back closed ticket window for most of the India games in England and Wales. The reselling agents who withheld the tickets expecting high premium for the mother of all ICC World Cup 2019 battles on June 16 are as much threatened by the weather forecast as the possibility of the match at the Old Trafford on Sunday.

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A day before the India-Pakistan game, cricket’s most precious commercial property, tickets are up for sale in almost all categories with prices ranging from ₹ 21,680 to ₹ 58,071 in bronze to platinum categories respectively. A group of five or more people can still get an opportunity to have tickets next to each other at a little premium.

The tickets are on sale at The prices set by the re-selling agents may be lower and higher than the denomination of a ticket. The economic theory of demand and supply is favouring the fans here. The demand is low and some of the tickets are available at prices lower than their face value.

The June 16 tickets for Manchester otherwise had the highest price tag for any of the league games in World Cup 2019.

A fan will still think twice before buying the ticket for the game tomorrow. Threat of another washout is not fully ruled out. There is a certain prediction for rain. Possibilities of a curtailed game too aren’t very good as of now. According to weathermen, there is a 60% possibility of rain in Manchester on Sunday. To put the threat in perspective, it was 50% during India’s washed out game against New Zealand on Thursday, June 13.

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