World Cup 2019: Making of the hero of England’s title triumph

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Ben Stokes is the chief architect of the 11-match match campaign that realised England’s long-cherished dream of lifting the trophy of cricket’s World Cup. After a long wait of 44 years. After being subjected to disappointment of losing the final on three occasions.

The opportunity for England had come calling at the Lord’s on Sunday, July 14, after 27 years, since they had lost to Imran Khan-led Pakistan in the 1992. Another disaster loomed large at the Lord’s yesterday. But one man made the difference. Ben Stokes stood firm like a pillar to pivot England’s revival from 86 for four after 32 overs to enable enforce the Super Over tie-breaker. What followed thereafter is etched as a unique moment and result in the ICC World Cup history.

What preceded that made the difference that Stokes made count.

Man of England’s title triumph and Red Bull Athlete Stokes revealed the differentiator: “I am pretty lost for words. All the hard work over that four years – to get here and be champions of the world is an amazing feeling. Moments like that is what you live for as a professional cricketer.” @benstokes38 has played the second fewest false shots for England in this tournament. Only Joe Root has played fewer false shots

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And to prepare for such arduous challenges, England’s star all-rounder used a disused shipping yard in Sunderland to train his batting, bowling and fielding skills. How tough it was, to what extend this batsman challenged himself is here for everyone to see.

Stokes, 28, has proved to be England’s match winner in all cricketing formats and made use of the unlikely venue to put himself through his paces, hitting shots at targets fired from a bowling machine, bowling at the stumps on makeshift wickets and using disused cardboard boxes to cushion his landing while fielding.

“All the way through my career, I’ve looked for ways to push myself harder in the gym and on the field. You can talk to any sportsperson and they will tell you it’s the hard graft in training that ultimately produces results on the field. Though it’s not your average session, the intense, repetitive nature of the exercise absolutely reflects the lengths we go to as players to help the team win,” Stokes reveals of his training regimen.

To prepare for his World Cup triumph, Stokes put his world-beating batting and bowling skills to the test in the fast-paced video Tactical Training. Watch as he takes on three specially-designed challenges (Target Bat, Bowling Alley & Fire Ball) set out over a relentless course in an abandoned shipyard in Sunderland, England.

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