World Cup Impact: Report suggest 80% increase in Delhi, NCR football academies’ enrolment

World Cup Impact: Report suggest 80% increase in Delhi, NCR football academies’ enrolment - InsideSport

The FIFA World Cup 2018 fever is not just limited to fans watching the action and cheering favourite players from “Doosri Country”, donning their replica jerseys. The rising passion for the sport is also reflecting on the field and in football academies in Delhi and NCR.

The sweltering heat, sultry and humid conditions did not deter the youths enthusiast to come out on to the pitches and embrace the world’s most popular sport. According to a report by Delhi Times, the football academies and training centers in Delhi have seen a huge surge in enrolments since the start of the FIFA World Cup finals in Russia since June 14.

The youngsters are ditching the nation’s favourite pastime – Cricket – for football this summer. The football academies around Delhi NCR, that usually see 30-40% increase in enrolments during summers vacations have claimed a 70-80% surge in registrations.

And it is not just the kids who idolize and emulate their favourite football stars such as Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, the ones who are pretty much familiar with the game. Those who are new to the game are also thronging in large numbers to get themselves enrolled in football academies, many of whom have an opinion that football is simpler and more enjoyable than cricket.

It has been noted that parents are eagerly coming forward to get their kids enrolled for football coaching programs, especially when they want them to get involved in some productive activities and stay away from the clutches of boredom during summer school breaks.

The football academies in around Delhi are hiring more staff to tackle the growing number of football enthusiasts. All they are hoping is that the craze sustains long after even after the world cup ends.

The World Cup in Russia has been a boon for e-commerce industry and sports goods manufacturers too. India has seen a gargantuan upscale in football merchandise sales – Team jerseys, footballs and gears – during this quadrennial mega football spectacle. Many e-commerce portals have claimed a sale in thousands per day for replica jerseys and footballs.

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