World Wrestling Championship LIVE: Coach reveals success mantra for Vinesh

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Vinesh Phogat along with three other Indian girls will open her campaign in the UWW World Wrestling Championships in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, tomorrow (Tuesday). Coach Woller Akos has revealed what she needs to become the world champion.

Wrestler Vinesh Phogat needs to maintain Zen-like concentration from “zero to six minutes” to stamp her authority in the 53kg at the global level, says her personal coach Woller Akos.

The fiery wrestler from Harayna is preparing for her fourth World Championship after a reasonably good 2019 season following a switch to 53kg from 50kg. She had just made numbers in her three previous appearances at the Worlds (2013, 2015, 2017) but in Nur-Sultan she is a threat to every established wrestler in her new category.

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A proven force, Vinesh has big medals in her kitty from Commonwealth Games to Asian Games. From Tuesday she would chase that elusive world title, which will also ensure her entry at the Tokyo Olympics.

Vinesh struck a chord with Akos when she went to Budapest for a short training stint before the 2018 Asian Games and since February this year the Hungarian has been her personal coach.

“She needs to keep concentration from zero to six minutes. This is very important. As of now it’s like a wave, up and down,” Akos told PTI in an exclusive interview.

So, how can she achieve that unwavering focus?

“There are two part to this. One is physical, which is easy. You do aerobics and train according to match-time (six minutes). If she can hold the tempo from zero to six minutes in training she can do that on mat also.

“The second part is mental. And that is the job of sports psychologist and she is taking help,” Akos explained.

Wrestling fans can catch all the action LIVE from UWW Senior World Championship 2019 on

The Hungarian said Vinesh has improved a lot since February but more work is needed. “There was not much motion circle, not much arm-work. She waited very much for the action. Now it’s better. The physical preparation, I would say, is perfect.”

Asked to elaborate the arm-work, he explained, “You control your opponent with this. You take back your arms, you take control by under-hook position from head-lock position.”

While Vinesh dominated the 50kg category in 2018, triumphing at CWG and Asian Games apart from winning a silver medal at the Asian Championship, Akos said it only made sense that she changed her weight-class.

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