World’s most-attended football league registers plunge in ticket prices

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The economics’ theory of demand and supply has become a complete antithesis for football world’s most attended professional league – one of the top five.

German top division football league Bundesliga has experienced a drop in the match ticket prices for the first time in five years, a recent study has revealed.

Even as the attendance for the 2017-18 season has seen an 8% upsurge over the previous year, the league has experience a drop in the prices of match tickets.

Bundesliga offers the cheapest ticket prices to its games among the Big 5 European football leagues. When the prices of the most expensive season tickets are compared with Premier League, the difference is quite prominent at 271.23%

A report by the German media company Sponsors has revealed a decrease in the average price of the cheapest season and matchday Bundesliga tickets, which is the below 2015-16 season levels.

The most expensive prices for both season tickets and matchday tickets have also fallen – marking the first time that a fall in all four categories has occurred since 2013-14, the season when sponsors began analysing prices in Bundesliga.

On average, the cheapest Bundesliga ticket will cost €15.20 – down from €15.80 last year – while the most expensive ticket price hasfallen for the first time since the study began, dropping to €70.60 from last year’s peak of €72.90.

The season tickets also saw a major plummet across the league; the cheapest average ticket dropping to €178.60 from €190.10, while the most expensive season ticket dropped even more – averaging at €700.30 following a five-year high of €727.80 in 2017/18.

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The cheapest matchday ticket could be bought at newly-promoted Fortuna Dusseldorf for just €8, while their €112 season ticket is also the cheapest in the league.

League-wide trends suggest ticket prices may drop even further, with Borussia Dortmund – who boast the largest-capacity stadium in the country at their Signal Iduna Park stadium – lowering their most expensive ticket prices by 15% to €56.60.

Borussia Dortmund were just one of two sides – along with the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich – to lower the value of their matchday tickets, with the reigning champions charging a maximum of €70 to watch a game at the Allianz Arena.

In fact, 15 of the current 18 Bundesliga clubs either lowered or froze their rates, with the most expensive day out being at Hertha Berlin, who charge as much as €99 for a matchday experience. However, they were also one of five clubs to lower their cheapest season ticket price, which now stands at €199 – down 18 per cent on last year.

Stuttgart were the only Bundesliga side to raise prices in all four categories, only topped by Hertha for a single ticket price, charging up to €88.50, while only at Schalke and Freiburg does a season ticket cost more – Schalke’s €884 eclipsing every other team in the league.

However, this does not comes as a surpre, especially considering the fact that Bundesliga’s reported attendance figures for the 2017-18 season make it the most highly-attended league in the world football, leaving behind Premier League, LaLiga and Serie A.

The 18 Bundesliga clubs have averaged 43,879 tickets per match last season. Attendance for 2017-18 represents an increase of 8% on the 2016-17 season, which boasted an average game attendance of 40,693.

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While Germany has earned a reputation for low ticket prices and high attendances, leagues like Premier League are yet to follow suit – with season tickets reaching highs of £1,768.50 in 2017/18 – although it has capped ticket prices for away fans at UK£30 for the past two seasons.