WTC Final LIVE: ICC to officially announce ‘reserve day’ today, will it be enough to complete India vs New Zealand Finals?

ICC WTC Final – Ind vs NZ Reserve Day: The International Cricket Council (ICC) will officially announce on Tuesday that the match will be played for the reserve day to recover the lost time. Rain and bad light has played spoilsport on the inaugural World Test Championship between India and New Zealand. For the first time in a decade, ICC has lost two days of Test and will now be forced to extend the match to the reserve day.

Both the team will get six sessions and a maximum of 196 overs to find a winner. However, given the unpredictable conditions of England, result is still not a certainty.

ICC WTC Final Playing Conditions: How would the Reserve Day be decided?

As per the WTC Final playing conditions announced by the ICC, a draw or a tie will see both teams crowned as joint winners as well as the allocation of a Reserve Day to make up for any lost time during the regular days of the Final.


The Reserve Day has been scheduled to ensure five full days of play, and it will only be used if lost playing time cannot be recovered through the normal provisions of making up lost time each day. There will be no additional day’s play if a positive result is not achieved after five full days of play and the match will be declared a draw in such a scenario.


In the event of time being lost during the match, the ICC Match Referee will regularly update the teams and media about the way in which the Reserve Day may be used. The final decision on whether the Reserve Day needs to be used will be announced at the scheduled start of the last hour on the fifth day,” ICC statement read.

ICC WTC Final: How long will the reserve day be?

According to ICC, the maximum duration for the Reserve Day shall be a minimum of 330 minutes (or 83 overs, whichever is the later), plus the last hour. The extra time available for the Reserve Day shall be the difference between 330 minutes and the scheduled playing time at the start of the Reserve Day as per paragraph 8 (excluding the Actual Last Hour).

ICC WTC Final Weather Prediction: What is the forecast for the fifth day?

Rain can again play spoilsport on the fourth day. According to the AccuWeather forecast, it will mostly be cloudy with a couple of showers. It is predicted that there will be rain for two hours. But the big concern will be the bad light as there will be 94% cloud cover.

ICC WTC Final: What is the status of Ind vs NZ match?

In four days, only 141.2 overs have been bowled. While India scored 217 runs, the BlackCaps have scored 101 at a loss of two wickets. Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor will resume play on the fifth day.