WWE Backstage News: Inside details of why WWE decided to end relationship with Zelina Vega

WWE – Zelina Vega Break Up: New broke on Friday that Zelina Vega has been released by WWE. Mike Johnson of PWInsider has provided some additional details on what led to her release from the company.

Here is what Johnson wrote about what happened:

Multiple WWE sources have confirmed to PWInsider.com that today’s release of Zelina Vega was fallout from last month’s edict that talents drop their relationships with third party entities such as Twitch, Cameo, etc. in favor of World Wrestling Entertainment spearheading those relationships and fielding talents out as part of their contractual duties.

PWInsider.com is told that Vega was informed late this afternoon that she was being released before tonight’s Smackdown taping. As we noted earlier, she would be under the traditional 90 day non-compete window, which would keep her from working televised promotions through mid-February 2021.

Vega was not released as a result of her tweet this evening about unionization, as one WWE source stated that word internally of her release came “well before” that Tweet.

Johnson also says that Zelina was very vocal about wanting to keep her Twitch account. He says that some people in WWE think that she may have been released in order to send a message to the rest of the roster:

WWE sources indicated that Vega had been extremely vocal about maintaining her Twitch account after the edict had been handed down. That lead to some WWE talents who reached out to PWInsider.com tonight wondering if she had been released to “send a message” to everyone else to make sure they follow the company’s requests regarding third-party entities. Obviously, WWE is not going to confirm or deny that.