WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will defend his Championship in an “Ambulance” match against Randy Orton

WWE Clash of Champions: In the latest episode of WWE Raw “In your Face” edition WWE Universe illustrated that a major stipulation match has been announced for Clash of Champions.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is now all set to defend his WWE Championship against Randy Orton in an “Ambulance” match following, Adam Pearce, who has been sort of the acting General Manager in the WWE, interrupted McIntyre’s promo and made a really intriguing announcement.

McIntyre took his little revenge from Orton last week on RAW by producing three lethal Claymore kicks on Orton face to knock him out. Following that, Orton medically failed to compete in the latest episode of WWE Raw.

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On the other hand, McIntyre was set to meet against Keith Lee in a singles competition in the lastest episode of RAW with given implication that – – if Lee beats McIntyre in this match then Keith Lee will replace Randy Orton to face Drew McIntyre at Clash of Champions.

Before heading into the main match McIntyre and Lee both went into a massive brawl at backstage, which led them to unleash their rage into the main event of the night. During their official match both the superstars beat the hell out of each other, and neither one of them decided to give up until, RETRIBUTION came up and intervened in the match as a result of it referee rung the bell without any winner.

However, Hurt Business came in to rescue both the superstars and it was a pure chaos in the ring between Hurt Business and RETRIBUTION, and Hurt Business stood tall over them until, McIntyre and Lee diving outside the ring and laying out all the RETRIBUTION members and The Hurt Business.

As things stand, Randy Orton is not medically cleared to compete due to Drew McIntyre’s attack. The Clash of Champions match will have the ‘Ambulance’ stipulation, and we should get more clarity on the match’s status next week on the go-home episode of RAW.