WWE decides to unveil curtains from its new series this week

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WWE News : As lot of experiments are going on in WWE at the moment due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Following this WWE has decided to launch a new WWE series to give its fans some moments of rejoice before the biggest event of the summer at SummerSlam. However, for this new WWE series multiple superstars are going to feature in this roller-coaster WWE series, which still has to reveal their names. 


As it has been reported by WWE Newtwok News A new WWE Network series is on the way! Details are very limited at this time, but a new program titled “WWE Timeline” is set to arrive this weekend. More specifically, the new WWE Network original will premiere on Sunday, August 9th. The video will stream at 8 PM EST but will be made available earlier that same day at 10 AM EST.


While information on what to expect is limited, we do know the episode title is “Whatever It Takes”. Additionally, thanks to a Tweet from WWE, we know that long time rivals Daniel Bryan and The Miz will be featured. The duo have been joint at the hip in WWE since Bryan debuted on NXT as The Miz’s “rookie”. The duo have had numerous feuds and memorable matches and moments together in the past decade. Once again, this new series will air on Sunday, August 9th.