WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Predictions: 3 things we can expect from the upcoming WWE PPV

WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Predictions: The upcoming WWE pay per view is almost set to feature some high profile matches. As we are less than a week away from the Horror Show at Extreme Rules there are many speculations which are going around as to what may or may not happen at the WWE PPV. Here are three things we can expect can occur at the Extreme Rules 2020.


WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Predictions: Bayley to save Sasha Banks and help her become a double champion at WWE Extreme Rules 2020


Not long ago, WWE put out this tweet reminding us that as good as Bayley and Sasha Banks may be as a cohesive unit when they are working together, they may be even better when they are facing one another. And yes, at Extreme Rules, the two women may decide that SummerSlam is the site where they recreate the same magic that we loved so much back in WWE NXT.

Here’s how things should ideally play out at Extreme Rules 2020, in my opinion. Sasha Banks should help Bayley retain her WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship against Nikki Cross and of course because Sasha Banks will be facing Asuka at Extreme Rules too, she will expect Bayley to have her back as well.


WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Predictions: During Swamp Fight return of Erik Rowan to rescue Bray Wyatt


When the two old companions face off each other in the most terrifying match of the night in a Swamp Fight. In this dreadful battle, there will be alligators which makes this match more noxious. In this match, Wyatt will use all his superstitious and maniacal skills to beat Braun Strowman. But the monster among men would not mind to end the maniac of Wyatt and stand tall over him. As both, the superstars are known for playing mind games and destroying their opponents. But this time old brotherhood will do the same for each other. And we can expect a twist in the tale that the surprising return of Erik Rowan who will rescue the Bray Wyatt from the hands of Strowman.


WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Predictions: “An eye for an eye ” match Dominick surprisingly shocks the Rollins


Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio are all set to settle scores against each other at the WWE Extreme Rules which is now called The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. Interestingly, it is not the usual one-on-one match but a bizarre kind of stipulation match instead. The two will not lock horns or hands instead they will be locking eyes. This stipulation match is called as’ An Eye for an Eye’ match which left everybody astounding. WWE has confirmed that you have to pull out the other person’s eyeball with your hand to score the victory. But more importantly, this might be the last match of Mysterio’s career in WWE and we can expect Mysterio’s son Dominick to get involved in this match to help his father to beat Rollins and set his tone with WWE.