WWE Extreme Rules 2020 results live Streaming in India: Multiple titles on line at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules

WWE Extreme Rules Results 2020:  The thunderous night almost ended in a maniac way when the WWE’s vociferous PPV The Horror Show at Extreme Rules kicked-off this Sunday night live from Performance Center. And it was action-packed show as you can not ask for more than that. As the Five – championship bouts were also scheduled that took place at this collapsing event including Raw’s both men’s and women’s championships were also defended at this scary night. Also, United States Championship was also on the line and the we had some strange circumstances during that segment. From SmackDown, Women’s championship was also on the stake. And Smackdown’s Tag Team Championships was also on the line. And we got the new Tag Team Champions for that.

However, apart from these five championship matches, there were two deleterious and terrifying matches also competed at this event which included “Swamp Fight” & ” An eye for an eye” contest.


However, We had three new champions at this night and two champions who successfully retained their championships respectively.



Here are all the Live from WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules Live July 19, 2020:


Here are WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules Live results:


WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules Live Results, winners, and grades:

—- Kevin Owens Def. Murphy (Kicked off show time)

The night’s action started on the Kickoff Show as Kevin Owens and Murphy battled in singles competition, rekindling a rivalry that is the direct result of Owens’ issues with “Monday Night Messiah” Seth Rollins.

Neither Owens nor Murphy wasted time, taking the fight to each other from the opening bell. A big clothesline by KO flattened Murphy, but the former cruiserweight and tag team champion defended a senton with knees to the back. Owens recovered and delivered a cannonball in the corner for two. Murphy broke out a Meteora for near-fall. The lightning pace of the match continued, neither man really gaining a sustained upper-hand over his opponent.

That changed with Murphy’s use of knee strikes and a brainbuster. Owens fought out of a superplex attempt and delivered a picture-perfect moonsault for a two-count. Owens sustained his comeback and picked up the hard-fought victory with the stunner.


(Grade B+)


WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules Live Results, winners, and grades:

——-Tables Match for WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships: Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura Def. The New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston) 


The Horror Show at Extreme Rules embarked with SmackDown Men’s Tag Team Championship The New Day took on the team of Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura in this opening contest. And it was a jaw-dropping contest which lasted for more than twenty minutes. This stipulation match as ‘tables match’ to slam your opponent on the table and become the champions. Both the teams showed their skills and athleticism in this match and at last, it was the team of Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura who got the over the New Day by slamming the New Day’s Kofi Kingston on the table and become the New Tag Team Champions and dethroned New Day from the championship.


(Grade B-)



WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules Live Results, winners, and grades:

—-WWE United States Championship: MVP Def. Apollo Crews (NO FIGHT : As Apollo Crews did not come out for fight and MVP called out himself as New United States Champion) 


(Grade C-) 


WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules Live Results, winners, and grades:

—-WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley Def. Nikki Cross

The current SmackDown Women’s Champion and one half of the tag team champion Bayley took on the Women’s Nikki Cross to defend her Women’s Championship. Bayley put the great show  on Nikki Cross with the help of her Co. Sasha Banks, who helped her ringside. This match took place for more twenty five minutes and it was Bayley stood tall after the match and got the victory over Nikki Cross. And Bayley once again proved with this win that blue brand is her show.


(Grade B)




WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules Live Results, winners, and grades:-

—-(“An eye for an eye” match) Seth Rollins Def. Rey Mysterio


This catastrophic match started with Rey Mysterio who stroked Seth Rollins first and tried to take the momentum on his side. But Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins attacked Rey Mysterio with unleashed kendo Stick and tried to pull off the eye of Mysterio. But it was Mysterio who hit the frog splash on the Rollins for his maniac. It was not the end as both these superstars gave their almost every inch to pull off each others eye. And this bizzare match pushed its all limit and at last it was Seth Rollins who got the victory over Rey Mysterio by pulled off his eye. And Mysterio immediately was taken by the doctors team for the medical treatment. After the match Seth Rollins did not seem very convinced with this victory as he left the ring in dismay and puked on the stage.


(Grade A-)




WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules Live Results, winners, and grades:

—-WWE Raw Women’s Championship : Sasha Banks Def. Asuka(as Bayley later dressed herself as referee) 

It was one of the most shocking and Bizzare match that happened at this event. The match started between the RAW Women’s Champion Asuka up against the challenger Sasha Banks and her Co. Bayley joined her ringside. As everybody was hoping this match to be the best of the night and it almost did so. Both the superstars tried every skill to knock out each other by giving German suplex.

Asuka was almost there to pin the Sasha Banks when Asuka tried to spilt green mist on Banks but it turned out to spilled on match referee. And Bayley took the advantage of it and wore the referee’s dress counted 1,2,3 and helped her friend Sasha Banks to become the doubles champion. But it will interesting to see whether this victory be acceptable or not.

(Grade A)


WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules Live Results, winners, and grades:

—-WWE RAW Championship : Drew McIntyre Def. Dolph Ziggler

WWE fans were waiting for this match so long when the RAW Champion Drew McIntyre marked his way to enter the ring and waiting for Ziggler’s stipulation match and it was turned out as if Drew McIntyre does anything outside the rules of a normal singles match, we’ll have a New Champion.

 As the match started Dolph Ziggler tried to take advantage by this stipulation but McIntyre had plan for Ziggler and both the stars battled so hard for the glory. Hitting those steel chairs on McIntyre and slamming him on the tables Ziggler did everything to get the title. But it was ruthless aggression of McIntyre which made him to successfully retained his Championship against Dolph Ziggler and got the unleashed victory over him.

(Grade A)


WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules Live Results, winners, and grades:

—– Wyatt Swamp Fight : Bray Wyatt Def. Braun Strowman

This was one of the most terrified matches which ever took place in WWE. When the old companion Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman faced off each other on this scary battle and it was just pure chaos and nothing else. Braun Strowman stood firm initially in the match when Bray Wyatt tried to play mind games with him. This match shooted at the off-location since this match included some deadly alligators into it.

Their battle lasted for more twenty-five minutes but surely they had taken more efforts than it was. Since it was all dark and gloom, and Wyatt took Strowman to his haunt house or say Firefly house. The nervousness and terror could be seen completely on each other face and they battled out until Strowman aggressively kicked Wyatt into the water. But the demon Wyatt came out from no where to shock Strowman and emerged victorious over him in this nightmare match.

(Grade A)