WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results and Highlights: Bobby Lashley barely retains the WWE Championship. Seth Rollins gets the better of Cesaro. Check out the results here

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results and Highlights: Bobby Lashley barely retains the WWE Championship. Seth Rollins get the better of Cesaro. Check out the results here
WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results and Highlights: Bobby Lashley barely retains the WWE Championship. Seth Rollins get the better of Cesaro. Check out the results here

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results and Highlights: Bobby Lashley barely retains the WWE Championship and Seth Rollins gets the better of Cesaro – Tonight’s show comes from the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida – Two matches are all set to take place inside the ominous and dreadful structure of Hell in a Cell –

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results and Highlights- Check the LIST of Matches for tonight’s Hell in a Cell PPV

  • Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre, Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship
  • Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair for the Raw Women’s Championship
  • Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn
  • Alexa Bliss vs. Shayna Baszler
  • Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins
  • Bianca Belair vs. Bayley for the Smackdown Women’s Championship


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WWE Hell in a Cell Results and Highlights:

Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre, Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship- The colossal match started with the champ going outside the ring. However, Drew caught him and commenced the assault. He ensured that the champion gets the feel of the Cell walls effectively.

Drew then took the steel stairs and hit it on the All-Might WWE Champion’s head to take him down. Drew continued the assault on the outside and made Lashley pay for everything he did wrong. Lashley, however, got an opening when MVP passed his cane from the outside of the Cell and Lashley hit it on the throat of the challenger.

The Kendo stick was in action, and after some lusty blows and strikes, Lashley was again on the backfoot as Drew hit him with the stick and then a spine first on the steel stair outside the ring. Drew then set up a table outside the ring, but just when he was about to place Lashley on it, the champ countered. 

The action then moved inside the ring, with Drew in control. He first slammed Lashley on the mat and then sent him face-first on a steel chair. The action inside the ring was momentary Drew again as the two gladiators went outside again. This time though, it was Lashley who was leading the assault as he blocked the challenger with steel stairs.

At one moment, the official git hit by the steel chair and was left unconscious. Drew asked the other referee outside the cell to come in, Drew then hit Lashley with a Claymore bit just when Drew went for a pinfall, the open Cell saw MVP coming in and pulling out the referee. A frustrated Drew then brought MVP inside the ring and hit him with a Claymore.

All this happened before Lashley hit Drew mercilessly with Kendo sticks, and his body was left with ruthless wounds. Lashley went for a hurt lock outside the ring but Drew countered by forcing his way towards the table placed vertically on the corner of the Cell.

In the closing moments, Drew was totally in command. He hit Lashley with a future shock DDT and was loading for a Claymore. Just when he was about to deliver his Claymore Kick, MVP caught his leg from the outside of the ring and Lashley took advantage with a roll-up pin.

WWE Hell in a Cell Results: Bobby Lashley defeated Drew McIntyre via Pinfall.


Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair- Even before the bell rang, Flair snatched the title from the referee and threw it towards Rheato distract her, and placed a right hand on the face. As the bell rang, Charlotte continued her annihilation and send the champ in the corner and clotheslined her to send her outside.

When the two ladies got into the ring, Charlotte continued with her attacks but Ripley finally got moving with a series of attacks, a headbutt, and a superkick. Flair’s rage was further humbled by a top-rope dropkick and a submission.

However, Flair counter the submission by sending Rhea face-first onto the bottom turnbuckle. She then went for a natural selection but ended up with a near fall. Charlotte then found herself in the driver’s seat with some fierce strikes and chops. Ripley got an opening with a top rope superplex and after getting some Flair chops, the champ hit Flair with a Riptide, but only for a two fall. Flair then moved outside the ring but Ripley chased her with an injured leg. Charlotte then hit her injured leg on the steel stairs to damage it further.

In the closing moments, Charlotte locked the Figure Right on Ripley, but the champ desperately made it out of the ring to break the lock. Rhea was struggling near the announce table and intentionally hit Flair with the table’s slab to disqualify the bout. WWE Hell in a Cell ResultsCharlotte won via DQ, but Rhea retained the title



Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens- KO blasted right away on Zayn who cost him many matches over the past few weeks. KO whipped Zayn into the corner twice with authority and stomped on his mid-section.

A high elbow, running Swanton, chops on the chest were on display from Owens. KO was in control but he was really laboring during the match gasping for breath after the Nigerian nail attack from Commander Azeez two weeks in a row on WWE Smackdown.

Sami took the opportunity of Kevin’s struggle and was particularly attacking around his throat area. However, KO was relentless as he was still in the match. He took out Sami outside the ring and then while going for a Swanton bomb, Sami got the knees up to put Kevin in all sorts of trouble and pain.

Both moved inside the ring and Zami dominated with a buckle bomb and slaughtered chops. The two moved outside the ring yet again and Zayn was hit with a Stunner. The ref started counting for 10 and Kevin went inside the ring, Zayn could barely make it to the ring on the 9th count.

When the two got inside the ring, Zayn hit KO on the knees and he landed badly throat first on the bottom rope. That was all Zayn needed to place a Helluva Kick on Owens.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results: Sami Zayn defeated Kevin Owens via pinfall.



Shayna Baszler vs. Alexa Bliss- Shayna teed off on Alexa after Reginald caused some distraction. Alexa however collected herself and started the attacks only to get distracted once again from Reginald.

Shayna then planted her submission maneuvers on Bliss and tried to dislocate her wrist and elbow. Shayna even stomped Alexa’s left elbow, but Alexa was still laughing, Seeing the heinous side of Alexa, Baszler was stunned. Alexa then hypnotized Shayna inside and Nia outside the ring to gain the upper hand in the match. She then went for a revamped Sister Abigail on Shayna and ended the proceedings with a Twisted Bliss.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results: Alexa Bliss defeated Shayna Baszler vis Pinfall.



Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins- As Cesaro made his way to the ring, Seth Rollins attacked the Swiss superman from behind. After a few exchanges of blows outside the ring, the two foes finally started inside the ring when the bell rang.

Cesaro started with a body slam inside the ring, while Rollins had sis offense in return. Cesaro then hit him with a big boot on the apron and slammed the former WWE champion onto the barricade.

The two then moved inside the ring and teed off each other. Both had something going momentarily. Rollins hit with the kicks, while Cesaro with his famous uppercut. The Swiss Superman didn’t forget to humiliate Rollins by removing his Glove and making him swallow it.

The two men were not having a moment of respite. Clothesline, lariots, and kicks. Cesaro vs. Rollins can never end up without the famous Cesaro swing followed by the Sharpshooter. Just when Cesaro was closing on to a win by stomping Seth’s right arm, the former WWE Champion escaped with a roll-up win to secure a victory.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Result: Seth Rollins defeated Cesaro via Pinfall.



Bianca Belair vs. Bayley Smackdown Women’s Championship inside Hell in a Cell- Two body slams and one clothesline is how Bianca started things off. Bayley was the first to bring in the steel chair, but Belair used her braids as a weapon to get away from the chair shots.

Bianca was looking good until Bayley gained some momentum by hitting Bianca face-first on the top of the post and then slamming the champ shoulder first onto the corner post. Bayley then focused on inflicting pain to her shoulders before bringing in the Steel steps.

Bayley then tied Bianca’s braid on the bottom rope but just when she was about to take the advantage, Bayley bounced face-first on the steel stairs. This gave Bianca some momentum and she slammed Bayley on the Cell wall. The champ tried to throw the stairs outside on the challenger, but Bayley escaped.

Bayley then turned around things by biting Bianca on her right arm and hitting her with Kendo sticks and slamming her back on the Cell wall. Bayley then set two kendo sticks on the pathway between the cell and apron, but her move backfired as Bianca hit Bayley with a spine buster on the Kendo sticks.

After getting some beating inside the ring especially on her shoulder, the champ tied Bayley’s hand with her braids and started assaulting her with kendo sticks and slamming her on the Cell wall.

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After the Steel stairs, it was the ladder that was brought into the match. Bayley took advantage of it and crushed the champ between the ladders. Now it was the champ’s turn to use the ladder. She first hit a running Swanton on Bayley with the ladder placed underneath her and then Bayley got the Kiss of Death onto the ladder to roll down curtains on a brutal match.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results: Bianca Belair defeated Bayley via Pinfall.

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