WWE Hell in a Cell: Charlotte vs Rhea Ripley match ends with a controversial finish

WWE Hell in a Cell

WWE Hell in a Cell: Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley were involved in an intense battle in tonight’s PPV with the Raw Women’s title on the line. The outcome of the match didn’t impress one and all, but the fight these two ladies had inside the ring was nothing short of majestic.

The match started even before the bell could have rung as Flair snatched the Raw Women’s title from the referee and threw it towards Ripley, only to place a big right arm on the champ’s face. 

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Both the ladies were all over each other throughout the match, especially Charlotte Flair who was decimating the champion every now & then. In the closing moments of the bout, Flair caught Ripley with a Figure Four. She locked the submission maneuver pretty well, but somehow Ripley managed to slide outside the ring to break the lock. Ripley was screaming in pain near the announce desk while the referee was counting her out. Flair approached Ripley, but before she could get her hands on the champion, Ripley yanks the top of the announce table off and smashed it in Flair’s face for the referee to call the match.

WWE Hell in a Cell: Charlotte won, but Ripley holds on to the title!

Referee called off the bout that resulted in Charlotte’s win, however. Under the disqualification rules, the champion Rhea Ripley barely retained her Raw Women’s Championship title. 

After the match got over in an unconvincing manner, Charlotte blasted with a rage attack on the champion, and soon a brawl emerged between the two ladies. The score finally settled when Ripley hit her finishing maneuver, the Riptide on The Queen, and walked out of the ring. While Ripley was walking through the aisle, Charlotte watched her in agony with a vicious smile.

The match ended in a controversial manner.- This means the two ladies are not done yet with each other. In the coming weeks on Monday Night Raw, we could see a build-up between these two stalwarts for a potential match at the Money in the Bank PPV.