WWE Hell in a Cell Results: Where does Drew McIntyre goes from here?

WWE Hell in a Cell Results

WWE Hell in a Cell results: The main event of tonight’s Hell in a Cell PPV was beyond brutal. Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley fought like gladiators but in the end, thanks to some dirty work from MVP. Bobby Lashley barely retained the WWE Championship title.

What does this mean for Drew McIntyre? The former 2-time WWE Champion can not challenge Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship in the future. So, where will he go from here?


WWE Hell in a Cell results: A feud against someone whom he has never feuded with before?

Drew McIntyre is one of the top stars on the Red brand. Besides being the WWE champion in the past, he has been one of the go-to babyfaces on the Red brand. With not Bobby Lashley for him in the future, there is a possibility that Drew gets started with a new feud of someone of his stature.

Randy Orton is one of the names that comes to everyone’s mind, but then again, Drew has feuded with Randy in the past for the WWE Championship, and it makes no sense for the Scottish warrior to start a storyline with him that everyone has already seen.

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There have been rumors that Omos might get a single push. PWTorch’s Wade Keller has stated that WWE is building Omos in a manner that indicates he will be getting a single run soon. Therefore, Omos can start his single’s push with a colossal figure like Drew McIntyre. This feud can be planted on tomorrow’s WWE Raw, and we might see a buildup for a match between the two at Money in the Bank PPV.

WWE Hell in a Cell results: Winning the Money in the Bank match?

Drew McIntyre has never won a Money in the Bank match in his career. With Lashley retaining the WWE Championship and Drew’s picture still not clear, Drew McIntyre can feature in the Money in the Bank match at the Money in the Bank PPV on July 18 and win the ladder match. In the future, within a year, he could cash in on anyone but Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship. Possibility? Maybe! 


Drew McIntyre gets emotional after losing to Bobby Lashley

After tonight’s loss, Drew took to his Twitter showing his bruises and penned down an emotional note for the WWE universe.