WWE John Cena: JBL comes in support of John Cena over his China apology video

WWE John Cena

WWE John Cena: JBL comes in support of John Cena over his China apology video: Former WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) has come out in support of John Cena, who was bashed by some WWE talents for his recent apology to the Chinese people over the China-Taiwan Saga. In his apology video, he mistakenly termed Taiwan a country that did not go well for the Chinese people.

Cena’s apology has created a stir among some WWE talents as well. He has been a target of trollers on Social Media, with even his long-time rival CM Punk trolling him by updating his Twitter bio reading, “Twitter is a Country.”  

However, WWE Hall of Famer JBL has come out in support of Cena and stated his philanthropic struggle as an “incredible track record of making the world better.”

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JBL posted a picture of Cena on his Twitter with a caption

Praising Cena for his unnumbered achievements, JBL took to his Twitter account and wrote, 

“@JohnCena has granted over 600 Make a Wishes-a record. Supported cancer research, rise above hate campaign, a million of his own dollars for racial equality. He has fought tirelessly for equality. An incredible track record of making the world better. I’ll stand with this guy.”

Here’s the Tweet,

Cena is expected to make a comeback in July

Cena is rumored to make a comeback to WWE in July. WWE has announced that from July 16 onwards, they will be moving out of Thunderdome. The first event to witness live crowds will be the July 16 episode of WWE Smackdown. John Cena is expected to appear on that particular episode of Smackdown and address the live audience. His return is highly anticipated and will be drawing high viewership for sure. Stay tuned for more John Cena-related news.

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