WWE: Kevin Owens was not the first choice for Universal Championship opportunity at TLC 2020

WWE: Kevin Owens was not first choice for Universal Championship – Roman Reigns will defend the WWE Universal Title against Kevin Owens at WWE TLC. How did they arrive at The Tribal Chief’s opponent.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer broke down how Kevin Owens got a Universal Title match at TLC. The company simply didn’t have any other babyfaces that they could push. They weren’t pushing Owens in a main event spot prior to this. So, they allowed Roman Reigns to continue his dominating character.

“With Kevin Owens this month, it’s not like they had planned, I mean you can look at how Kevin Owens was booked and see that there was no plan for Kevin Owens. The problem was that they had no babyfaces on that side.”

It was noted that WWE doesn’t have any other big babyfaces that they can build up to face Roman Reign. Meltzer also said “that in their minds” they believe that you get a babyface over by beating them every week as they did Owens.

The original plan was for Daniel Bryan to face Roman Reigns at TLC, but that match was pushed to the Royal Rumble. Another proposed match, Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso, isn’t happening on the TLC card, but it was planned at one point.

We’ll have to see what they end up doing at WWE TLC. The company has a lot of options for the close of 2020.