WWE: Lars Sullivan is currently not part of WWE, check out why

It’s been more than a month since Lars Sullivan has been seen on WWE television and there was no sign of him this past Friday night. WWE has not given any indication that there’s a storyline in place for him.

Ringside News reports that Sullivan has not been backstage at SmackDOwn in recent weeks. Oftentimes, WWE has wrestlers hang around backstage even if they are not being used but that has not been the case with Sullivan.

RSN reports that there’s been nothing said about Sullivan from the top people in WWE management and his absence is not injury-related.

It’s no secret that Vince McMahon is a huge fan of Sullivan because he’s a great monster-type character. He’s been given several chances as a monster heel but he’s had start-and-stop pushes because of injuries and non-wrestling related issues. As of this writing, Sullivan is not booked for the WWE TLC pay-per-view.