WWE News: Becky Lynch looks ripped in her latest pictures. Is return on cards?

WWE News: Becky Lynch looks ripped in her latest pictures. Becky Lynch’s return is one of the most booming topics currently. The former RAW and Smackdown Women’s Champion took maternity leave last year after the Money in the Bank pay-per-view as she was expecting her first child with fiance and former WWE Champion Seth Rollins.

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There are no official words on her return, but it seems like she might be heading to the squared circle soon. Recently, Seth Rollins posted a picture on his official Instagram handle where he was seen with Becky and a few other trainers and trainees from his Black and Brave Wrestling Academy. 

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Becky was looking ripped in the photo!

Seth Rollins didn’t tag or mentioned Becky in his post’s caption, but the former Raw Women’s Champion was standing next to her fiance, looking absolutely ripped. The photo was evident of the fact that Becky has put a lot of hard work into place to get back into shape post-pregnancy. Assuming by her appearance, it seems like she will be back into action soon.

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WWE News: Lynch has teased her return before

Not only once, but the former Raw Women’s champion has teased her return on two separate occasions this year. She has been posting workout pictures on her Instagram handle and fans are expecting her to be back in the ring soon.


WWE News: What possible feud should Becky fit in once she returns?

The answer to this question relies on whether she would return as a heel or as a babyface. Her return will immediately put her into the title picture as she had to relinquish her title to Asuka before going to the paternity break. If she returns as a babyface, a feud with Charlotte Fair would be apt for The Man. But as of now, there is no official news on her return, and neither is WWE teasing her return.

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