WWE News: Drake Maverick gets rehired by WWE after getting fired due to covid-19

WWE News: There were so many WWE superstars who have lost their employment in the last two months due to spike rise in Covid-19 pandemic. But there is some good news from WWE as they have rehired one of their star Drake Maverick once again after getting fired due to covid-19 pandemic.


Drake Maverick in his recent interview with Indiatoday.in, opens up about a tumultuous last few months for him wherein he lost his job in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.


“Distraught, emotionally drained”. WWE star Drake Maverick finds it difficult to put into words how he felt when he lost his job. WWE fired Drake along with quite a few in-ring performers in April in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic.


However, Drake’s dreams came crashing down on April 15. WWE was forced to let go of dozens of wrestlers as part of ‘short-term cost reductions’ due to the economic impact of the pandemic.


Drake, speaking to Indiatoday.in, said he was upset with WWE’s decision but understood where it came from in the wake of the pandemic. However, the seasoned wrestler said he did not lose hope but wanted to make use of the opportunity in June to prove the company wrong.


“My first reaction (after losing the contract) was to think ‘what can I control?’. They still told me they wanted me to do the cruiserweight tournament. I was fortunate enough.”


“Was I upset by the decision? Of course. Did I understand the decision? Of course.


“I would have fired me. They weren’t getting the return of what they were paying me because I wasn’t on television due to the absence of live events. So you understand that from a business perspective,” Drake said.


“From my own perspective, I thought ‘I can either tell them, no I am not doing it or I can do the event and use this as an advertisement to show the company that it made a mistake (in letting me go).”


“I thought it was an opportunity to show ‘this is James, there is no messing around’. I thought if I didn’t win the tournament, I was gone. I did not bat an eyelid.”


Triple H offers him a new WWE contract


Drake said he felt more relieved than happy when Triple-H handed him his new contract.


“I didn’t know what was next. But it (when Triple H gave me the contract), it was the end of a long couple of months. When I was sitting in the ring, I just collapsed, I was emotionally drained, distraught. I genuinely thought that was the end. I thought it was the last time.”


“When Triple-H was behind me, I thought he was going to give me a big old bear hug. I didn’t even have the contract there. I was like ‘where do I sign?’.”


“Even when I had tears rolling down the face, I had a smile. It was a magical moment. I think the world needed a little bit of hope, a nice ending to a nice story.”