WWE News: Has Vince McMahon found the next Brock Lesnar?

WWE News: The legendary commentator Jim Ross recently spoke about the ferocious nature of Bobby Lashley on his podcast – Grilling JR. The veteran revealed that WWE was hoping for Bobby Lashley to become the next Brock Lesnar.
While talking about the comparisons between the two of them. As both of them are the dominant force in WWE and like to destroy their opponents in half. He also stated that Brock Lesnar was more close to Vince McMahon, who recently wished the Lesnar on his Birthday whereas, such was not the case with Bobby Lashley.
“Vince [McMahon] did not meet Bobby like in the grandiose way that he met Brock Lesnar”.
This is further what Jim Ross said about their comparisons and ways of fighting.
“It was a different deal, apples and oranges here” JR continued. “The comparison [between Lesnar and Lashley] was physical, you know? Lashley with this great strength, and of course the amateur background. He looked great, all the same, things said about Brock. So I think that was why the comparison was made,” reported H/T: Sescoops.
Current status of both the superstars in WWE 
Bobby Lashley is currently on a duel with Ricochet and seems like he will face off against him at the Extreme Rules and whereas, Brock Lesnar was last performed in WWE at Wrestlemania 36 against the Drew McIntyre where he lost his Raw Championship against him. And since then there is no update on him but rumors are saying that he might return at SummerSlam.