WWE News: Is the famous ‘Million Dollar Championship’ belt coming back? This is what we know so far

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WWE News: Is the famous ‘Million Dollar Championship’ belt coming back? This is what we know so far Last week on WWE NXT, WWE Hall of Famer Ted Dibiase returned to the promotion and had a big laugh on Cameron Grimes, after he lost to Jake Atlas. Dibiase’s interference cost Grimes the match, and the two are all set to go face-to-face on NXT this week.

Dibiase has been one of the most popular yet hated heels of his time. He is known for unveiling his own championship- The Million Dollar Championship, and it seems like the belt is going to make a comeback soon.

Ted Dibiase, the original Million Dollar Champion

After the interference last week, Ted Dibiase is set to have a face-to-face confrontation with Cameron Grimes. Ted Dibiase is upset with the ‘Dollar’ gimmick Grimes is currently using, as he considers himself the OG for this gimmick.

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Therefore, to clear the air of who the original ‘Million Dollar Man’ is, the two men will be embarking on a new plot on WWE NXT next week named- ‘New Plot VS Old Wealth.’ Also, if reports are to be believed, to make the feud more authentic and captivating, WWE is planning to bring back the illustrious Million Dollar Title. 

Andrew Zaharian of the Mat Men Podcast confirmed this news. He says, 

“He’s (Ted Dibiase) gonna appear in the ring next week with Grimes…Million Dollar Belt is back…I can confirm the Million Dollar Belt is back baby! Sorry to the individual that told me, but Million Dollar Belt is coming back. I don’t know for how long, but they are gonna have it on TV. People are very excited within WWE about the Million Dollar Belt.”

The storyline between the two could be an exciting one. However, one thing is for sure that WWE won’t push Dibiase for an in-ring competition at this age. What are your thoughts on this storyline? Mention in the comment section below. 

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