WWE News: Is this the End of the Road for WWE superstar John Cena? Here’s our take

WWE News: Is this the End of the Road for WWE superstar John Cena? Here's our take
WWE News: Is this the End of the Road for WWE superstar John Cena? Here's our take

WWE News- Is this the end of the road for John Cena?  This piece of WWE News is regarding John Cena. The 16-time World Champion John Cena’s dream of becoming a record 17-time World Champion was shattered by Roman Reigns the other night at the WWE Summerslam PPV. The 50,000 plus audience in attendance at the Allegiant Stadium were left in a complete disdain to see their favorite hero not only coming short against Reigns but putting up a below-par performance going by his standards.I

We are living in a pro-wrestling era where Vince McMahon & Co is busy glorifying Roman Reigns. They want him to be a larger-than-life figure, but to achieve this, using your biggest asset, a 16-time World Champion, John Cena as a jobber or a shambolic figure is something unacceptable. In a nutshell, the WWE Universe was robbed.

WWE News: Is it acceptable to wait for John Cena’s much-anticipated return only to get him used as a mere jobber?

When John Cena returned last month at the Money in the Bank PPV event, the crowd at the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas, went bonkers. A new sense of excitement ran through their nerves, and “Cena! Cena! Cena!” chants completely blew away the roof of Dickies Arena.

There is only a handful of breed of men who can match the charisma of Cena and better him on the mic, and Roman Reigns is definitely not one of them. In the five weeks build-up of Roman Reigns vs. John Cena, the latter completely dismantled, roasted, and humiliated the “Head of the Table.” After all these promos, booking Cena for a humble performance just to glorify Reigns is undigestible. 

WWE News- Is this the end of the road for John Cena? 

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In the main event of Summerslam, John Cena lacked animosity, intensity, and fierceness. I mean, in all these years, how many times have we witnessed Cena going for four roll-up pins in a match? Yes, he did hit Roman with 3 Attitude Adjustments, including a super AA from the top turnbuckle, that saw Roman kicking every time at two counts proved the point how over Roman Reigns has been depicted by the company. 

But what went with Cena later in the match? A guy who lives with the moniker of “Never Give Up,” gave up only in one Spear? That’s just ridiculous. And to make things worse, he was literally toyed by the “Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar with two German Suplex and an F5 after the show went off the air. 

I mean, the people who have followed Cena’s career closely know how tenacious this guy has always been throughout his career. Who can forget those 14 Suplexes from Brock Lesnar and three F5s at Night of Champions PPV in 2014? Cena did lose that bout, but it took Lesnar 14 suplexes to humble the 16-time World Champion, that is how tough Cena is. 

16 World Championship reigns are no joke. Cena had defied obstacles like these in his ravishing career to get to the position he is today in WWE. A treatment like this to one of your most decorated and legendary superstars in history doesn’t speak volumes for the image this company depicts nowadays.

WWE News: What’s next for John Cena?

It seems like this particular run of John Cena has come to a shabby end. According to the latest reports of Mike Johnson of PWInsider, John Cena has no future WWE appearances scheduled due to his filming commitments. The report suggests, 

“We are told that Cena is done with future WWE appearances due to filming commitments. Currently, Cena is only scheduled for the 9/10 Friday Night Smackdown taping at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Beyond that, WWE is going forward with the understanding that he won’t be available for them for the foreseeable future due to filming commitments. There is no timetable for another potential return, WWE sources confirmed this evening.”

As of now, the Leader of Cenation is only scheduled to appear at the Madison Square Garden edition of Friday Night Smackdown. Apart from that, nothing has been confirmed for John Cena on his WWE timetable. Should we consider this as the end of Cena’s decorated in-ring career? Maybe!

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