WWE News: John Cena applauds Randy Orton for his work and his In-Ring ability and natural talent

WWE News – John Cena applauds Randy Orton: Statements by John Cena where he praises the work and talent of Randy Orton in the ring.

Randy Orton has been through many difficult rivalries, matches and stages in his last twenty years with WWE . His story is still expanding, right now at a feud with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss. At Wrestlemania 37 , Orton and The Fiend will face off.

John Cena has been a major superstar for much of Randy Orton’s time with the company. Cena watched Orton’s episode of Broken Skull Sessions, and the 16-time World Champion was very pleased. Cena recently posted a tweet commenting on the interview with Steve Austin.

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“I have known Randy Orton for almost two decades and have always admired his ability in the ring as well as his talent . It was a great interview and Randy was that honest person I know . Plus Steve Austin has seen him grow and succeed throughout his career. . He achieved everything in WWE. Great interview, “wrote John Cena in his tweet.

We’ll have to see if Steve Austin ever gets an interview with John Cena, who can’t even participate in WrestleMania  this year due to the fact that he’s in Canada filming the Suicide Squad spinnoff, Peacemaker, which will air on the HBO Max platform.