WWE News: John Cena heaps praise on Brock Lesnar. Says, “He’s one of, if not the best ever”

WWE News: John Cena heaps praise on Brock Lesnar. Says,
WWE News: John Cena heaps praise on Brock Lesnar. Says, "He's one of, if not the best ever"

WWE News: John Cena praise Brock Lesnar:  This WWE news piece is regarding John Cena & Brock Lesnar. Despite being taken out by the Beast Incarnate after WWE Summerslam went off the air, the 16-time World Champion is seemingly happy about Brock Lesnar’s return to the company. 

WWE News: John Cena praise Brock Lesnar:  The Beast Incarnate made a shocking return to the WWE Summerslam PPV on August 21 and confronted the Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Cena recently sat down with Dan Patrick on his show That Scene with Dan Patrick” where he showered praise on Brock Lesnar by calling him one of the best ever. Here’s what he said,

“I noticed that he was the size of two Brock Lesnar’s. He looks mean and nasty no matter what. He’s trying to stretch the boundaries of that to see what he can pull off. He’s an anomaly. He’s one of, if not the best ever.”

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Cena further talked about the massive pop Lesnar received upon his arrival to close of WWE Summerslam. Cena said, 

“WWE SummerSlam, the greatest sound to hear was certainly the interest. It’s that buzz before the bell rings. They want you guys to take you on this ride and this story. Then, surprises at the end with Brock Lesnar coming out, and no one knew what the hell was going on. Those are cool when you can surprise the audience because those are rare.”

The crowd went bonkers seeing the Beast Incarnate return & it was the apt treatment for them to go home happy. 

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WWE News: The Beast has his sight set on the Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar confronted Roman Reigns at the end of the night, and it seems like he is all set to challenge the Tribal Chief for the Universal Championship. Their meeting is speculated to take place in October at the proposed WWE Crown Jewel.

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