WWE News: John Cena hints at retirement, read full statement

WWE News: Read what John Cena has to say on when he would possibly retire!
WWE News: Read what John Cena has to say on when he would possibly retire!

WWE News- John Cena hints at retirement?  This WWE news piece is related to John Cena, who is gearing up for his quintessential Universal Championship match against Roman Reigns and WWE Summerslam. Cena made a surprise return to the company at the Money in the Bank PPV on July 18. Since then, he has proved his loyalty by appearing almost every week on Raw, Smackdown, and even the live events. 

Recently, Cena commented how WWE is relying on its aging and part-time superstars for viewership, which is not a good sign moving ahead. Now, he has commented on the possibility of his retirement and till when he plans to continue wrestling.

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WWE News: How much gas is left in Cena’s tank?

Speaking to Chris Hardwick of ID1OT, Cena revealed that he plans to continue wrestling till the time he feels like he is offending the customer. 

“Returning to WWE, it’s a brand new world. A new cast of characters, a new direction with the company, new platforms, new environment. There is a challenge there. To challenge myself as a 44-year-old to go back, there is an Intrinsic challenge there, a set of circumstances. That’s a good challenge in many ways. My body could tell me after this extended stay, ‘dude, you are done or it could tell me, ‘You’re so far from done it’s crazy.’ That’s another interesting conversation with myself. If physically, I’m slower, I’ve said openly to everyone that I will keep doing this until I feel I’m offending the customer.

I will continually go out there and do what I can to contribute and add. I don’t want to go out there and be like, ‘Okay, just let him go out there and (do his thing).’ I am not into that because I know what it’s like to pay for a ticket. If I were to get that on this go-round, it’s a humbling and tough thing that I will have to hurdle. If I get the opposite and it’s like, ‘You’re quicker and can do some things better and define a new personality,’ then that’s a new conversation because I do not have much time left and if I want to give it like, ‘let’s really commit to this thing and really go all in,’ that’s an honest choice where other stuff will have to take a backseat.”

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WWE News: Cena wants to do his things till he feels good

John Cena is not only a WWE Superstar, but he is also a Hollywood star who has ample movies up his sleeves. His latest release, The Suicide Squad, got the second-best opening on HBO Max, and he seems to be doing pretty well with his Hollywood stint. 

However, with age not being on his side now at 44, Cena feels like he wants to continue wrestling until his body allows. When he feels he is moving slowly in the ring and offending the viewers, he will hang up his boots. 

WWE News: WWE Summerslam is Cena’s next stop

Roman Reigns vs. John Cena for the Universal Championship at WWE Summerslam is what the WWE universe is looking forward to. The stage is set at the Biggest Event of the Summer for John Cena to become a record 17-time World Champion.