WWE Rumor Roundup: John Cena may return to WWE sooner rather than later

WWE Rumor Roundup: John Cena may return to WWE sooner rather than later
WWE Rumor Roundup: John Cena may return to WWE sooner rather than later

WWE Rumor Roundup- John Cena may return to WWE sooner: Some unconfirmed rumors have made rounds on Friday regarding the 16-time World Champion and one of the Greatest of All Times, John Cena. It was announced last week or so that Cena will be returning with a new project in WWE, but it looks like he will be coming sooner rather than later.

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As per Dave Meltzer, Cena’s name is in talks, and the current idea is to bring him back on WWE TV at WWE Smackdown’s 16th July episode, where fans will also make their return after COVID-19 hiatus.

Cena made his last appearance at Wrestlemania 36

Cena’s last televised appearance came at Wrestlemania 36 when he lost a weird Firefly Fun House match against The Fiend. Since then he is busy with his TV and Movies projects. 

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WWE Rumor Roundup: As we all know that Cena has been focusing on his acting career, but is all set to executive produce and narrate a new WWE Evil series to be streamed on the WWE and Peacock Network. Below is a glimpse of the interview he had with Den of Geek where he admitted that he is willing to go back to WWE.

“I always found a real sense of satisfaction contributing where I could because I know that the idea of the sense of complacency with performers is high. And they always want to be at the top spot, and there is only one top spot. But I believe a spot is a chance to contribute. So it won’t be about that. It will simply be if there is an enthralling and correct continuation to the narrative. I really, really want to get back to WWE. I really want audiences to get back to WWE. Heck I am with everybody I think around the world saying I just want the world to get back to normal, but these are interesting times and I have a lot of interesting opportunities at my feet, and I really do appreciate the WWE universe.”

WWE Rumor Roundup: In the statement above, Cena has emphasized that he wants the WWE audiences back, and with WWE announcing on this week’s Smackdown about their plans of bringing back the crowd on July 16, Cena could well be on the brink of a return sooner rather than later.